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Inout StickBoard


A visual pinning tool that helps pinners to build and save awesome stuffs.

Inout StickBoard
Unlimited Boards and Pins
Inout StickBoard allows your users to create any number of boards they want to create and pin any number of images/videos into the board.
Unique Style Board
Boards are where pinners pins their related ideas. Each board tells a unique story. It can be anything and members can follow any board they like. Pinners can gift any pins to their favourite ones by sending pins.
Unlimited Users
Inout StickBoard supports unlimited number of users. With no limits on listings or registered users, revenue possibilities have no cap.
Like & Unlike
Users can acknowledge favourite photos and videos with the ‘Like’ button. Users also have the option to ‘Unlike’ a post.
Inspired pins
Each user can repin all the inspired pins from any public board to their own collections. Inout StickBoard connects everyone in the world through the things they find interesting. Users can keep some pins secretly with secret boards. Group boards can be pinned together and everyone can share their experience.
Easy User Chat
Chatting is one of the easiest way for user interactions and engagement. Inout StickBoard provides a user friendly and attractive Php & Mysql chat feature which allows your users to interact easily. Inout StickBoad allows users to initiate concurrent chat sessions with their contacts.
Mobile Ready (Responsive) Web Design
Pin your image collections/albums such as love, events, interests, hobbies, and more and manage them from any device. Inout StickBoard is designed to operate on all mobile devices including android phones, iphone, windows phones and various tablet computers. All you need is a mobile browser for your mobile device.
Advanced User Privacy
We care about your users’ privacy. Your users may now make private photos more secure with a secret board, which restrict others from watching the pins unless the user specifically allows it.
Easy Video Sharing
We know that videos are powerful tools for reaching and engaging audience. With Inout StickBoard users can share videos from YouTube.​
Simple User Registration
With Inout StickBoard, individual users can create their own account using a simple registration form.
Social Login
Individuals can login with the other popular Social Media platforms like facebook and twitter. If the user doesn't wish to use the social login feature, the user have the option to manually signup as well.
Social Media Links
To ensure that your users are able to share your content far and wide across the web to promote everyone's pins, Inout StickBoard allows users to share the content on third party social media platforms like facebook and twitter. These links lead back to the respective pins on your website.
User / Board Following
Let your users follow other users or their boards they like. It allows users to build a fanbase, especially helpful for your celebrity users.
Manage Abusive Content
The users can report abusive pin and members/users. Then you (or the administrator) can verify that from your admin area and take necessary actions.
Fully Customizable Themes
From your admin area, you can manage the logo and many other visual properties of the website which allows you to change/update the theme without editing the files manually.
Revenue Through Advertising
Inout StickBoard provides space to advertise. The administrator can add ad codes for these areas. These ad will then be showcased to the public/users browsing through your website.
Support Multi-Languages
The entire public side of the script can be customized to the language of your choice. You can easily add/manage any (L2R - Left to Right Written) language from your admin area.
SEO Friendly Pages
The public contents are published in SEO friendly pages that enhances your visibility in major search engines. It can increase the organic traffic to your website thus increasing your profitability as well.
Advance Search Filters
Users can use various filter options for searching and narrow down the search to show results that are relevant to them.
Location Mapping
Inout StickBoard now allows your users to add pins directly to a map which is visually pleasing and easy to understand and share. It is particularly useful when your users are planning a trip or visiting a new city.
Gmail Contact Import
Inout StickBoard now allows your users to import their contacts from Gmail to help them share their pins and boards.
Thid Party Website Image Crawling
Inout StickBoard now allows your users to specify an URL and crawl all Pinnable images from the corresponding page, which makes them easy to import images from a website they own.
Unlimited Categories
Inout StickBoard allows you to create unlimited categories. It gives you the flexibility to effectively structure the categories by adding category items to any width or depth.
Configurable Mail Preferences
Worried about being labelled as a spammer? Inout StickBoard now allows your users to configure their preferences for Mail Communication which makes them control the emails you send to them.
Being a Star in Assorted Ways
Inout StickBoard allows your pinners to be star with connecting most popular social site profiles to Inout StickBoard profile, and make others to follow your artistry in every form. Inout StickBoard allows quick connection to those user profiles.
Comments for Pins
Inout StickBoard allows every authenticated users to write-up comments/thoughts on any public pins they wish.
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