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Distributed Cloud Enterprise (DCE) Edition

For Very High Performance, Uptime and Fault Tolerance.

  • Heavy Load Tolerance
  • High Performance
  • Near 100% Uptime
  • Better Fault Tolerance
  • Faster Page Loading

Special Note: 'Distributed Cloud Enterprise Edition' is not a script name, but an edition like Standard/Ultimate as in our scripts.

What is a Distributed Cloud Enterprise (DCE) Edition?

A Distributed Cloud Enterprise (DCE) Edition is a specific edition of some of our scripts, which is designed to work in very highly traffic environment under a content deliver network, load balancer and multiple servers to balance the load. While all our scripts support vertical scaling, a Distributed Cloud Enterprise Edition has been architecturally modified to support horizontal, architectural level scaling. It means, if you are willing to provide the right hardware, you can evenly distribute traffic to multiple servers where DCE Edition is installed and thus you can ensure better uptime, better fault tolerance for your web business, backed by our script(s). The Distributed Cloud Enterprise Edition currently supports Amazon AWS (http://aws.amazon.com/) and we do plan to introduce architectural variations for Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure in near future.

In simple words, a DCE Edition of our script is optimised to work seamlessly with a hardware architecture built for very high performance, high load tolerance and fault tolerance.


Architectural Reference

A general architectural reference with which the DCE Edition is compatible to work with, is given below. A DCE Edition of our script is optimised to work with the below architecture for high performance, more uptime and better fault tolerance.


Currently Available DCE Editions

  • Inout Music

    Most Powerful Music Selling & Sharing Script on the Market.

  • Inout RealEstate

    Premium Real Estate Property Management Script. Trulia/Realtor/Zillow Clone.

  • Inout Homestay

    Space Rental and Vacation Rental Script. Airbnb Clone Script.

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am new to Amazon AWS. Will you help me configure various components in AWS?

    Yes, we do. Since there are multiple components to be configured with AWS, we do charge a small fee of USD 300, for the initial AWS setup. If you have working exposure to Amazon AWS, you can configure the components yourself. We do not charge for one time installation of the script anyway.

  • I have a very high power dedicated server. Why do I need to buy the Distributed Cloud Enterprise Edition?

    You do not have to, unless you expect a traffic beyond the capacity of the dedicated server you already have. It is a worthy to buy DCE Edition of the script to provide lower downtime of your business since you have the option to install that under a load balancer and distribute the load to two different servers. So in case one of your server goes down for some reason [for example, scheduled maintenance or something] your other server is still up, which means your site is live. Additionally, if you expect a peak of traffic occasionally/seasonally, it is a wise idea to choose DCE Edition.

  • I am currently using Standard/Ultimate Edition of the script. Can I upgrade to DCE?

    Yes, you can. Since DCE requires some architectural changes, it involves some conceptual/data layer changes and requires server architectural modification and data migration. We can do this for you at an affordable price (please contact us here for more details) or you can do it yourself.

  • Can I buy a Standard/Ultimate Edition of your software and later upgrade to DCE Edition?

    Of course, you can. We do understand that many of our clients want to keep their initial expenses low. It is totally fine for you to buy a Standard/Ultimate Edition of the script now, and later upgrade to DCE Edition, when you start experiencing a heavy traffic for your website.

  • I have a script from Inout Scripts that doesn’t have a DCE Edition? How can I support heavy traffic?

    All our scripts supports vertical scaling, which means you can increase the capacity of your current infrastructure where the software is installed, to enable high traffic. If you specifically want to make your software work with a much advanced distributed cloud environment, then the script require some architectural level changes and we can do this for you as a customization (please contact us here).

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