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Ask AI (OpenAI Based) Feature Integration Service

If you are looking to integrate an ‘Ask AI’ feature based on OpenAI API, you may use the Ask AI integration service provided by Inout Scripts. Kindly have a look at the screenshots below of a demo integration. This integration will allow you to add an ‘Ask AI’ icon/link (or any other icon/link name you prefer) in your website. Clicking on the icon/link users will be taken a page opened in page (this new page can be opened as popup window if needed) where they can ask questions to the AI service, for which (for the question they asked) the AI service may respond with suitable answers. The integration may be done using OpenAI API service. APIs to be created under your openAI account and API charges will be extra and to be borne by you.

If you are interested, let’s chat .

Demo Screenshots

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Coming Soon

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