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Inout SmartDeal


Group Deals Script.

All Features
Elegant Deal Listing
Inout SmartDeal presents the deals before you with the best user-friendly design. Your users will have a new and refreshing experience with Inout SmartDeal. Get your users attracted to your deals with our easy to use and flexible interfaces. As more people are attracted to the deals, the more beneficial it will be for you. With Inout SmartDeal, now your users can utilize your script with ease and with lesser confusions.
Unlimited Number of Deals
You can add unlimited number of deals for your favourite categories and cities with Inout SmartDeal. These category specific deals can be mapped to multiple cities easily. The deals created will be automatically activated and will be visible in your store. Deals can be added from merchant and administrator accounts. The deals added can be easily managed from respective admin area.
Real-time Deal Status Notifications
With this feature, your users will get notification emails about the status of the deals they have purchased, such as whether it is a success/dead deal. Also, they will be notified with the deal redeem coupon to be used. This email will contain coupon redeem period like start/end date and deal redeem locations.
Deal Gifting
With the excellent deal gifting feature, users can now purchase deals and gift it to their dear ones. Users need to provide only the receivers email ID, name and message (optional). If users wish to use any other name other than the one used at the time of registration, then they can do so at the time of filling in the gift form details. Deal success/dead status mail is sent to the given email ID.
Cash Voucher Gifting
With cash voucher feature, users can gift cash to their dear ones. Receivers can use this voucher to credit amount to their account and can use this amount for their future purchases.
Receive Payments through Widely Used Payment Platforms
Inout SmartDeal is integrated with the widely used payment platforms like Paypal, Money Bookers and Alert Pay, for accepting credit cards and online payments.
Unlimited Categories
This script is featured with an option for creating unlimited number of categories from administrator area. All deals are added specific to categories. This helps users to have an easy and effective deal searching experience. With this feature, you can allow your merchants to add their wide range of deals to any of these categories.
Category based deal commission
With Inout SmartDeal, you can earn money not only by selling your own deals, but also from commission. These commission rates may be different for different categories. Commission rates can be configured for different categories based on their demand/relevance. All information related to commission can be managed from the admin area.
Category and City Based Deal Filtering
Now Inout SmartDeal is featured with category and city based deal filtering option. With this feature, users can easily access their favourite deals. If your users want deals from a specific category, then they can make use of category based filtering or if they want to find deals from nearby location they can opt for city based filtering. These options will help your users to find intended deals easily.
Configurable Background
Inout SmartDeal is featured with configurable background. Admin can choose either default image or category specific image as background image. This can be configured from the admin area and you can change this any time you want. If category based background image is enabled from the admin area, then on selecting the category from the public area, its corresponding background image will be set as background image for the corresponding page.
Featured Deals
Boost up your sale by setting deals as featured. You may mark deals as featured. Featured deals will be highlighted in your storefront. Separate commission rate can be configured from admin area for featured deals.
Upcoming Deals
This feature helps your users to easily identify upcoming deals. Upcoming deals are the deals that will commence in the near future. With the help of this feature your users can view not only current active deals, but also upcoming deals.
Today's Deals
This feature helps your users to easily identify the deals that will end today. This is very helpful to make sure your users do not miss any deals.
Deal Reactivation
With excellent deal reactivation feature, your merchants can reactivate their old deals (either dead or success) and these deals will act as exactly like new deals. There is no limitation for the number of times you can reactivate deals. This feature will definitely save your time from creating new similar deals each time.
Social Media Deal Sharing
With social sharing option, users can share their favourite deals to their dear ones. Social sharing is enabled for famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Simple Coupon Code
Coupon codes are the unique identifiers for orders. Your users will receive coupon code if the particular deal was a success via email. They can take the coupon print out and redeem it. The coupon mail contains all information about the order such as the redeem start and end dates, list of redeem locations etc.
Unlimited Images
Images speak more than words. Images will enhance your deals and make it more attractive. With Inout SmartDeal, you can add unlimited number of images to your deals.
Support YouTube Videos Uploading
Exhibit your deals like never before by adding videos to your deal pages. To upload a video, admin/merchant just need to give the YouTube URL.
Facebook Commenting Supported
Let users promote your deals by easily adding their reviews. These insights provide real-time feedback for your online store and helps customer to choose the best deal.
Collect Customer Real-time Feedback
With Inout SmartDeal, you can collect real-time feedback from your site visitors. A link is given in the footer for collecting feedback. Approved feedbacks will be displayed in the storefront. These feedback can be managed from the admin area. This will help you gain the trust of your site visitors.
Advanced Merchant Dashboard
Get your store statistics aligned in the best way possible with Inout SmartDeal. Never miss out any important activity in your store. Everything you need is beautifully and systematically arranged in a single dashboard. From here, the Merchants can have a look at their status, deal purchases, coupons etc.
Support Multiple Merchant Branches
Merchants can add multiple branches. So when merchant create deals, merchant can map that deal to multiple branches.
Easy Fund Withdrawals
With easy and simple fund withdrawal methods, your merchants/users can withdraw the amount added to their wallet any time they want. Merchants/users can configure the default payment method from their account.
Excellent Bonus System
Attract more users to your store with the excellent and effective bonus system. With this bonus system (purchase/referral bonus) you can hold your users to your store. They will definitely want to come back to your store to enjoy the benefits. In effect you can increase your site popularity and the earn more revenue as commission.
Excellent Statistics
Through excellent and efficient statistics, you can easily understand the store performance including the total earnings, merchant earned amount, given bonus amount, refund count etc.
Transaction History
With this feature, you can view the details of transactions that have occurred in your site. Transaction history includes credit, bonus and withdrawal history details. This will help you to gain a clear idea about the income from your store.
Support Multiple Currencies
Set up your store globally with Inout SmartDeal, language or country is no longer a barrier to reach-out to your customers. Give customers an international dealing experience with our multi-currency support. All price details will be automatically converted internally and displayed with chosen currency symbol.
Subscribe to Newsletter
With easy to use subscription option, your users will be notified via email with latest deals. Also, users have the option to choose their favourite categories and city. With this feature they can make sure that, they will receive emails of their interest.
Effective Referral Bonus
Users can refer their friends for purchasing deals. If their friends make a purchase, then the referrer will get some bonus points. The referral bonus amount can be configured from the admin area and also, this feature can be enabled or disabled.
Reward Points
To draw the attention of customers to your store, we provide reward points on each purchase. Your users can use these reward points to get additional discount for their purchases.
Real-time Currency Exchange Rates
You can initially configure/choose your site default currency. Once the deal has been added, you are not allowed to change your default currency. Automatic currency exchange rate calculation helps users to make payment in USD uninterrupted.
Bank Payment Support
With the support of bank payment method, now users can easily make payments. If your users choose bank payment option, then they will be shown your bank account information that you have configured earlier from the admin area. Administrator can verify the payment and approve the payment through bank account.
Multiple Merchant Accounts
Registered users can request for the merchant account. On admin approval, the particular merchant account will be activated. Single users can request for multiple merchant accounts.
Auto Deal Scrolling avoids page Refreshes
Now you can say "NO" to the old paging and give your users a refreshing experience with the auto-adjusting, auto-scrolling box based result view.
SMTP Authenticated Mails
With SMTP authenticated emails, you can make sure that your emails are never marked as Spam mails.
Open Source Code
All files except a few library files and controllers (Which you never need to modify) are open source and you may do code level customization even in the admin area.
Free Copyright Removal
You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want to join our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.
PHP Development with MVC(Model-View-Controller) Framework
Inout SmartDeal uses the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the software adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.
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