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Get your users moved by the perceived beauty of music through our ioMob Tunes iOS App, which provides seamless playing of Music and Video tracks at music lovers finger touch. Forget the Radios, retro Record-Players or other music players and save your favorite music in our app. Music lovers can create their playlist, listen tracks, buy tracks and the choice is upto your users! With advanced music search options and multiple filters, your users can instantly reach out the exact track/albums/playlists they are looking for. Beyond this, ioMob Tunes iOS App offers each and every important features that are available on our Online Music webscript.

Price starts from: USD 499

Stylish & Interactive Design

ioMob Tunes iOS App comes with most stylish and interactive design that suits for every DPI (Dots Per Inch) configuration. The design provided is more attractive than traditional mobile app designs. Your users will love this attractive and easy-to-use mobile app. Designers give virtual life to the buried memories of radios, retro record-players and used their concept for mobile music app interface, which is simply astonishing.

Shake & Change Tracks

Songs are good to listen and even more fabulous when we shake to change the track! It is so brilliant and entertaining. While playing the tracks your users don't need to unlock their phone to change the track as ioMob Tunes iOS App feels each motion of users and allows them to change the tracks using a simple shake.

Inbuilt Music Player

Every moment has it's music! ioMob Tunes iOS App comes with inbuilt music player. This music player provides seamless playing of music tracks, while your users perform other operations. This powerful audio player guides users, to easily find out the latest tracks in music portal. It is elegant and easy-to-use app. The new built-in music player and related music discovery features are mainly focused on your users, to listen music using the app over and over.

Easily Manageable

With ioMob Tunes iOS App, your users can easily manage playlist at their finger touch. Main operations are done by touch screen, clicking on playlist to open detailed pages, or tap hold to open pop-up confirmation, which allows to remove particular track from playlists.

Predefined Offline Tracks

Script owners can offer an offline playlist with any number of songs, at the time of launching the app. Users who downloads this app can listen to these offline playlist tracks, when they are not connected to the Internet and there by using your Mobile App even when they are offline.

Fund Through Mobile Paypal Payments

Add amount to your music account in music app through Paypal. Payment Gateway integration is fully customizable. For existing app users, new payment gateway integration can be done for without upgrading.

Built For Online Music Industry

It will be convenient for you to analyse your business updates and ioMob Tunes iOS App provides you with detailed statistics. All you need is to add music and set a download price. Set a subscription fee or allow free listening and downloading tracks, for your users as per your convenience.

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installation 6 months updates 1 year standard support
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