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ioMob Tunes Android App


Build your own music portal with fully loaded ioMob Tunes Android App.

All Features
Unlimited Artists, Albums & Tracks
Admin can add unlimited number of artists, tracks and albums from the admin panel. Users can buy these tracks or albums that are created by admin by using their music account balance.
Demo Tracks
Along with each track and album you can upload a sample demo, which can help the buyers to choose an album or track before they confirm their purchase.
Audio/Video Player
Tracks can be played on ioMob Tunes App. Try them out before buying them or just listen to freely listed ones. Stay and enjoy.
Artists & Genre Classification
You may create music genres to any level. It will allow you to organize your tracks/albums in the very specific genre rather than tagging it into a more generic level. You can add any number of artists profile you will prefer and tag those artists to the albums or tracks.
Music Search
Advanced music search options with multiple filters like name, type, genre and country helps your members to find the exact track/albums they are looking for.
Like Your Favorite Albums
A member can like any album published by you. Likes will help other visitors/members to choose the best albums from a wide collection.
Albums/Tracks Browsing
Users can browse through all albums and tracks in your portal. They can narrow it down further, based on the origin of the album.
User comments
Let your music portal be expressive and active. The member/visitor comments on each album will keep your portal lively and active.
Abuse reports
Keep your portal clean. You visitors can now report any abusive albums/tracks they find as inappropriate for your portal. You can later view all these abuse reports from your admin area and take necessary action.
Purchase Album or Tracks Individually
Members may purchase a complete album or they can choose the tracks they want to purchase. You can specify the individual track price and the total album price.
Users can create multiple playlists for either public or private access and listen to his favourite music right from the script. The playlists can be played at any time as per the user's convenience.
Built-In Uninterrupted Player.
The music player continues to play the track while you use the app and move from page to page uninterrupted.
Create multiple playlists and listen to your favorite music right from the app. Offer your customers another reason to stay.
Free Usage
Define the number of free usage days for the new users from the app that can be edited from admin panel.
Users can just shake their mobile to change the tracks while playing the music.
Free Store
Even when you host a commercial portal, there can be many tracks that are listed as free. ioMob Tunes App has a special area from where users can download these free music immediately after signing up. They don't have to go through each and every track to see whether it is free or not, but can easily find free music available from this special area.
Predefined Offline Tracks
Script owners can pre-define an offline playlist with any number of songs at the time of launching the app. Users who downloads this app can listen to them, while they are not connected to the internet. Users will still use your Mobile App to listen to songs while they are offline.
Add Fund to Wallet
Users can add fund to their music account from Paypal through our ioMob Tunes Android App. The payment gateway integration is fully customisable. Automatic updation of app with new payment integration.
Change your Account Plan
App users can change their account plan any time. The amount for subscription plan will always be deducted from their music wallet account.
Manageable Public Area
A one page responsive site where users can view and download the app or get link to the Google play-store can be managed though the admin panel. Admin can edit their public page background image, the QR code file, app apk file and can also set their Google Play-store url from admin area.
Prolonged Music Storage
ioMob Tunes App allows your users to download the track/album according to their convenience. It will not force your users to download the track/album immediately after their purchase.
Advanced & Detailed System Statistics
You will be able to view complete system statistics about the users, sales, profit, audio/video albums and tracks from your admin area. It will help you to track the progress of your portal at any point of time.
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