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ioMob Rooms iOS App


Space Rental and Vacation Rental iOS App.

Unlimited Travellers & Listings
It is designed to scale and manage a growing business of a rental listing portal. There is no limit to the amount of travelers & listings that can be managed by the ioMob Rooms iOS App.
Custom Categories & Fields
Apart from the pre­loaded descriptive fields, the script owner(admin) can add multiple custom fields. These fields are then displayed to visitors and travelers. Better information increases chance of sale.
Multiple Payment Options
Popular payment options are readily available including bank payment options. Ease of business transaction is a key part of the business. To improve it further, a bank payment option is also available.
Booking Requests Option
If a host wishes to manually approve every booking made by a traveler, he/she can request the traveler to make a booking request. The admin has to approve the request to confirm the booking. This is a useful feature if the host is listing a property in multiple domains. If this option is turned off, bookings are instantly confirmed without any verification from the admin(host).
Simplified Refund Management
Refunds are made easy and the script owner can manage all refunds that are requested by the traveler. Crediting rather than refunding is also available.
Credit Balance Available
Refunds can also be converted into credit available to the user. This credit can be used at a later time to book a rental space and the right amount will be deducted from your credit balance.
Promotional Codes
Offer visitors and travelers discounts and promote your rental portal app. Codes are generated by the script owner.
Internal Messaging Service
Travelers and business owner (admin) can communicate easily with the messaging service that is available to them. Improved communication leads to a better customer service.
High Quality Images
Great Images can impress a potential traveler and it offers a better visualisation of what the host is offering. Upload high quality images and crop them to suit the app. Homepage images that include tile and slide images can be edited by the business owner. Impress your visitors with alluring images.
Advanced Search Available
Travelers can filter and narrow down search to show results that are relevant to them. Multiple filter options are available.
Country Detection
The rental portal can automatically detect the country of the visitor and display prices in their native currency. Please note that transactions are done only by the currency that the business owner choose.
Wish Lists
Users can select listings that interest them to be added to their wish list. This list is available to them to get back to the listing that they have saved.
Traveler Cancellation Policy
To absorb business costs, admin can request travelers that are cancelling reservations to commit to cancellation fees. Multiple conditions can be set at different rates for a fairer business process.
Use of the Popular Google API
We take advantage of the popular third party Google API that brings amazing, mapping features to the script. Google API key is not provided with the script. Please check with the provider for current policies as they may change without prior notice. We have optimized the API to the best possible level to reduce the number of calls and thus the running cost of the script.
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