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ioMob Cart iOS App


eCommerce Mobile App for small to medium businesses around the world.

All Features
Category Display
Simplified and separate pages for category and subcategories.
Advanced Searching
ioMob Cart mobile app provides Voice, Barcode and Keyword wise searching options for find product.
Protection Plans
Administrators can add protection plan to products and users can replace the products from corresponding admin shop if that product is damaged.
Tax Service
Administrators can add tax percentage to the invoice and customized rates split by area.
Physical & Digital Products under one roof
Sell a song and a lawn mower under one domain (Not that you have to). Sell digital and physical products on the same page.
Unlimited categories, product and brands
ioMob Cart app is designed to hold unlimited amount of products and list them under as many categories and brands as required and describe it with all the attributes from size, shape, colors in drop down boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, plain old texts or whatever you need to promote the product.
Expose products from all angles
Shoppers want to see as much details as possible before buying. There's no limit to the number of product images you can add for each product. Show off your product at every angle even the minute details with ioMob Cart iOS app.
Showcase your Products with Zoom
Give customers a crystal clear view of your products with our best Zoom feature. With just a touch, shoppers can see the finest details of any product image, helping to raise confidence in the quality of your items before they purchase.
Gift Wrapping
Customers can add gift-wrap from available hundreds of choices and also can add personalized messages that will be attached when shipping. Send your dear one's warm gifts and wishes with our unique feature.
Guest Checkout Support
Some customers are put-off by being forced to create an account before checking out. For many customers and online store business models, this is a completely unnecessary step. In our ioMob Cart iOS app you don't have to be a member to purchase items you are looking for, just go ahead, be our guest and get what you need.
Unlimited Members
Become a member of ioMob Cart iOS app and enjoy the added advantage of maintaining your wallet, where balance amount after shipping will be put. You can use this amount for making any future purchase in our ioMob Cart. Also, get add to “wish” list feature and you can maintain your own address book, so that you don't have to enter the address every time when you make a purchase.
Maintain your Own Address Book
With ioMob Cart, every registered members can maintain their own address book. Addresses can be easily added to address book from one's "myaccount" area. This address can be used as "billing address" or "shipping address" for your purchases at the time of checkout.
Complete Content Management
All content in the script can be changed. All products, brands, categories right down to 'about us', 'terms of conditions', 'privacy policy' can be edited.
Shop by Brand
All of us have our own favourite brands right? Acknowledging this habit, we have integrated easy searching filtered by brands. These arrangements help your customers to navigate easily and find their favorite brand products quickly, thus saving time.
Easy and fast communication between the admin and the customer is possible with our special messaging feature. Use this if you want to file a complaint or request for a refund or replacement.
Inventory Tracking
Keep track of your inventory at all times. The script will alert you when your inventory is running low. Be in complete control of your inventory.
Order Transaction History
With this feature, you can view the details of transactions that occurred in your site. Transaction history includes payment date, payment method, amount etc. This will help you to gain a clear idea about the income of your store.
Widely Used Payment Platforms
ioMob Cart iOS App is integrated with the widely used payment platforms like Paypal, 2Checkout
Split Shipments
Admin can split the orders and ship items to meet his convenience. If a product is currently not in stock he can choose to send them later, when it becomes available. He can print different packing slips for this split shipments.
Packing Slip & Invoice Creation
ioMob Cart order management system can create packing slips. These packing slips display the contents of the package and any special comments that the merchant wishes to send to the customer. ioMob Cart order management system can create merchant invoices. These invoices display the order line items with corresponding prices.
Automated Email Confirmation
When the admin marks an order as "Shipped" in the system, an e-mail is automatically triggered to the customer informing them that their order has been shipped. If a tracking number is entered, the customer will also receive this in the e-mail so that they may further track their shipment online.
Allow Customer Reviews
Let customers promote your products by easily adding their reviews. These insights can provide real-time feedback for your online store and helps customer to choose the best product.
Add Products to Member's "Wish" Lists
Provide customers the extra benefit of adding products to their 'wish' list for future purchase. This tool invites shoppers to revisit your site and fill up their carts easier than ever before.
Rate Your Favorite Products
ioMob Cart app allows your users to star individual products. We provide a 5 star rating system along with the rating statistic for each product based on the ratings it has received. This is very useful for getting a real-time feedback from users regarding a product.
Issue Special Offers
Catch customers attention with special offers. You can add seasonal special offers, so that it automatically appears in your app for the already set season. They will be highlighted with special area in app.
Easy Refund and Cancellation
The ioMob Cart iOS app refund and cancellation process is simple and organized in the best way possible, as your customers need this process to be quick and easy.
Powerful Dashboard
ioMob Cart iOS app comes with an elegant and powerful dashboard. It is an ultimate control centre page with real-time user interface, containing all the relevant information you need to know at a single glance. You will never miss an event with this attractive yet simple dashboard.
Bulk Product Upload
Uploading hundreds of thousands of products in your shop can be a tiring and time-consuming process. Now with our bulk-uploading feature, you can upload products in bulk. All you need to do is edit the XL sheet provided and add the product details. All the products will be added to the database with the help of cron job. Errors encountered at the time of adding product to the database can be easily viewed and edited from the admin account area. Corrected products will be re-considered, when the next cron jobs execute.
Coupon Codes System
Discounted price promotions are very effective tools for growing any business. ioMob Cart app allows you to create explicit discount coupons based on a category or a product. ioMob Cart app makes it easy to define and manage the coupon codes. You can even create your own customer groups and group specific coupon codes. You can even set a cron job to send out coupon codes to customer groups. Coupon codes can be easily redeemed at the time of purchase from cart.
"Add to Cart" in a Single finger touch
Get all your desired items into your cart with just a finger touch. Easy shipping and tax calculation, all at one place.
Unlimited Sub-Administrators
ioMob Cart app supports many features that may be herculean task for a single admin to perform. Don't you worry, we have the solution for your worries. You can now split your jobs with the help of permission groups. Unlimited permission groups can be created and each group can be assigned with different tasks. Each group will have the permission to access only the tasks assigned to them, thus providing security to your data. You can assign any administrator to your desired permission group. It will restrict the new administrator to work only on those areas where he has privileges.
Product Based Return Policies
We know that return policies can vary from product to product. We support product based return policies, which is simple and flexible. You can add minimum refund period and refund policy at the time of adding a product. This is used for calculating refund request time for a user, specific to a product.
Top rated, Top viewed, Featured Products
This feature shows top rated ,top viewed,featured product in different area with filtering option.
Banner And Offer banner
Admin can easily manage mobile app home page main banner and offer banner from admin area.
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