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Inout Webmail


Loaded with web based mailer, chat & planner solution features. Ideal for small to medium businesses in both price and features

All Features
1 Year Support
You will be eligible for free basic support of the script (which includes one time script installation, and clarifying your queries about the features of the script) for one year from the date you purchase the license of the script.
6 Months Updates
During the first 6 months from the date you purchase the license of the script you can upgrade to a version update (if any) of the same script, without paying any upgradation fees.
NEWImproved Layout
Latest version brings you an elegant layout which gives you a better and improved interface to work on.
NEWNew Mobile Interface
Mobile Interface comes with an improved layout specifically designed for mobile devices. Gain quick and easy access onto your email while on the go. The responsive design will fill any screen mobile or tablet.
NEWCustom SMTP Configuration
Admin can configure SMTP details if required, which will allow users to send emails by using the SMTP details configured.
Fast AJAX based Technology
Inout Webmail architecture ensures fast loading through well designed exploitation of AJAX technology.
Protection Enabled
The powerful spam protection and login security makes Inout Webmail suitable for your professional business requirements. It is designed in such a way that, users can easily navigate through and organize emails.
Unlimited Email Accounts
Inout Webmail has no restrictions on number of email accounts. This Webmail script is designed to scale and maintain high performance as users and traffic increases.
Powerful Spam Protection
Intelligent Spam protection system helps to keep the mail box clean. Explicit spam filtering rules and precise black and white lists can be configured. Our Spam Filter Checks each email and decides whether it should be delivered in in-box or spam folder.
Direct Delivery to Custom Folders
Inout Webmail now allows your users to deliver emails not just in Inbox, but directly to their specified folders based on a set of rules. Users can define the rules and conditions based on the Sender email addresses, email subject and/or email contents.
Live Chat
Inout Webmail is integrated with an easy to use chat service that keeps your users always connected. Familiar chat interface with instant messaging, emotions, real-time alerts and group chatting facility makes their communications just a click away. Users would love to use our features like customizable user status, automatic logging of chat history and contact facilities. This service also lets your users to have concurrent chat sessions and easy switchovers.
Auto Reply
Occasionally your users might need to set-up holiday messages and auto reply messages if they are unavailable for some period of time. Inout Webmail now allows your users to set-up and configure their auto reply message easily within their account.
Multiple Attachments
Inout Webmail allows your users to attach any number of files they would like to attach. If you would like to disallow users to attach any particular type of files, you may specify those file extensions in your admin area.
Auto Saving (into Draft)
This feature helps in saving the mails automatically to the draft while composing, so that these mails can be sent later. Inout webmail automatically saves the messages as users compose it.
Group Conversation Threads
Similar conversation threads are skillfully grouped under a topic. It also facilitates maintaining the hierarchy of conversations and easy replying to the entire set of messages.
Advanced Address Book with Contact Groups
Inout Webmail allows your users to manage their address book easily and efficiently. It allows them to maintain different contact groups and tag different contacts into these groups. Later, while sending an email, users can send it for a group, so that that email will be sent to all the members who are tagged to the selected group.
Global Contact Feature
This is a very handy feature if you are running this service in a closed environment, say for example, for your employees in your organization. This feature automatically adds all the users registered under your service into the address book of all other users. Users do not have to explicitly add their peers contact, but it will be readily available in their address book. This feature can be turned off from the admin area.
Efficient Password Recovery Mechanism
The Inout Webmail uses a very intelligent password recovery mechanism so that user can obtain the newly created password after a sequence of logical steps for verifying the identity of the user.
Password Strength Check
This feature helps in ensuring the strength of passwords used for each mail account, so that the users will be persuaded to create more complex passwords. This gives more security for their mail accounts and prevents unauthorized access into their account.
Multiple Languages
Inout Webmail allows your users to choose the languages in which they want to use your service. Inout Webmail is preloaded with 3 languages. You may easily add/manage more languages from your admin area. It helps you to provide a global service irrespective of language boundaries.
Comprehensive Activity Statistics Logging
Inout Webmail provides comprehensive user/client mail usage monitoring and logging. This ensures that, no activities within your domain mail server is left unobserved.
Fully Editable Templates and Themes
Inout Webmail uses template based architecture which provides the flexibility to change the look and feel to suite your business.
Email Forwarding
Email forwarding allows your users to automatically forward all incoming emails to a specified email address according to their preference. It comes in handy when your users would like to check all their emails from a single account or they would like to forward all their personal emails to their office email address or vice-versa.
Full MIME Support for Mails
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) support extends the scope of Inout Webmail to support Text in character sets other than ASCII, Non-text attachments, Message bodies with multiple parts and Header information in non-ASCII character sets. This format supports any languages and any attachments including pictures and multimedia contents, so that users will be able to compose any type of email messages and attach files to outgoing messages very easily.
Featured HTML Editor
The HTML editor integrated with Inout Webmail gives extreme flexibility for your users to type in their messages using their preferred fonts, styles, colors, alignments etc. It also allows adding emotions inside the messages while composing. Also, users can put images inside the message content from the web by specifying image locations in the option for add/edit image. Similarly users can add or delete links and perform most of the HTML activities directly from the editor.
User Logs
Never miss an activity of your user. You may now monitor the important activities of your clients very easily by watching the operation logs. It will be very helpful for future references, to resolve disputes and complaints. You do not have access to the private email content. Anyway it can be recovered if a situation demands it.
Generating Revenue Through Mailbox Ads
The mail service helps you to monetize from your mailbox by embedding advertisements in it. You may integrate your Google Adsense Ad code or other affiliate ad codes from your admin area to display the ads in the users mailbox. Inout Webmail can also be integrated with Inout Adserver, so that both scripts will communicate each other to retrieve and show relevant ads in the mailbox naturally (like Gmail Mailbox ads).
Open Source Code
All files except a few library files and controllers (which you never need to modify) are open source and you may do code level customization even in the admin area.
Free Copyright Removal
You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want to join our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.
PHP Development with MVC(Model-View-Controller) Framework
Inout Webmail uses the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the software adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.
Chat History
Chat history allows your users to store the contents of their chats for future searches or references. They can even respond to these chats like they respond to regular mails. Your users can optionally turn this feature off, if they prefer to do so.
Offline Messaging
Inout Webmiall now allows your users to send offline chat messages. If your users get disconnected during a chat session, the unreached messages will be available as offline messages and they can see them, when they log into their accounts. A user can also send an offline message to his friend, even when he is not in a chat session with him.
Seamless Integration with Cpanel
Inout Webmail can communicate with your mail server using cPanel APIs. It helps you to actually create email accounts in your mail server, rather than maintaining virtual accounts.
Multi-pane View
Choose your favorite option to view your emails. Organize and view your emails in ways that suit you. Your inbox can be split into two-pane and three-pane views.
vCard Contact Export
Another feather added to the contact export list. Now you can export your contact in vCard format. Transfer individual contacts easily.
Better Control with Email Limits & Delays
Now the administrator has better control over the email queue. Set delay between emails and limit the number of recipients.
Mobile Interface (Included)
Inout Webmail Mobile Interface comes with an interface specifically designed for mobile devices. Gain quick and easy access onto your email while on the go. The responsive design will fill any screen mobile or tablet.
Schedule appointments and meetings on your email web application just like Gmail. This calendar provides several views, including month view, week view and day view, so the user can browse their scheduled events very easily. Inout Webmail provides a straightforward web interface for creating, moving and resizing scheduled events.
To Do List
To do list is a feature that helps you to keep track of the things you need to do. You can create the lists of items, set due dates for your tasks. You can create lists of things you need to do and check off tasks as they're completed.
Print Mail
You can print your emails in its print ready layout.
Advanced Search
Advanced search offers numerous options for making your searches more precise and getting more useful results. You can use a set of filters in your query. Search can be done for an exact word, in a specific folder, excluding a particular word and mails with attachments with specific users.
Tip of the Day
Tip of the day provides useful advice on how to use Webmail more effectively. Tip of the day templates can be managed from the admin area and the tips are displayed in the member area.
Detailed Statistics in Admin Area
Allows the admin to view account creation and login statistics of clients. The logs show recent login details as well as IP details of users.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Work faster with keyboard shortcuts. Shortcut keys provide an easier and quicker method of navigating pages. Inout webmail uses a specific key combination to trigger an action. Keyboard shortcuts allows you to do many actions through the websites file browser instead of navigating menus with your mouse.
Contact Import
Inout webmail provides an easy way for you to import your contacts from other applications like Gmail. It is a very convenient tool to use and makes your contact management really easy.
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    Minimum Requirements:

    • PHP 7+
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • 20 GB hosting server space.
    • 2 GB RAM or more.
    • ionCube loaders and other standard packages installed in the server (this can be configured with WHM if it is already not installed).
    • WHM/Cpanel control panel
    • You will have to configure SMTP server details in admin area for sending emails to ensure better inbox delivery.

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