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Inout Webmail iOS App Addon


Webmail iOS App Addon.

Protection Enabled
The powerful spam protection and login security makes the app suitable for your professional business requirements. It is designed in such a way that, users can easily navigate through and organize emails.
Unlimited Email Accounts
App has no restrictions on number of email accounts. App is designed to scale and maintain high performance as users and traffic increases.
Powerful Spam Protection
Intelligent Spam protection system helps to keep the mail box clean. Explicit spam filtering rules and precise black and white lists can be configured. Our Spam Filter Checks each email and decides whether it should be delivered in in-box or spam folder.
Direct Delivery to Custom Folders
App now allows your users to deliver emails not just in Inbox, but directly to their specified folders based on a set of rules. Users can define the rules and conditions based on the Sender email addresses, email subject and/or email contents.
Easy & Smooth Email Creation
App provides easy and smooth creation of emails. The app enables you to quickly compose, send emails in a smooth way.
Stylish & Interactive Design
App comes with most stylish and interactive design that suits for every DPI (Dots Per Inch) configuration. The design provided is more attractive than traditional mobile app designs. Users will love this attractive and easy to use mobile app for sure.
Elegant Dashboard
App comes up with an elegant looking dashboard which gives you a brief idea about what this app is all about.
Seamless Integration with Cpanel, Plesk
App can communicate with your mail server using cPanel or Plesk APIs. It helps you to actually create email accounts in your mail server, rather than maintaining virtual accounts.
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installation 6 months updates 1 year standard support
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