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Inout WebCrawler Plus


Add-ons enhance the script. Add multiple features and put yourself ahead of the game.

NewsCrawler Addon

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NewsCrawler Add-on

NewsCrawler Addon allows news domains to be added similar to the normal domains. The significant difference in this addon is its re-crawling frequency. News domains follow a re-crawling priority different from general web domains. Certain pages of news domains can be configured for high priority re-crawling. NewCrawler addon follows a special algorithm to find the frequently updated news pages so that the news results will always be relevant all the time while searching. Algorithm intelligently identifies the news pages that are updating frequently with the most recent news, and such pages are re-crawled frequently using this algorithm to fetch the latest news results. It also intelligently ignores the news pages that are less frequently updated. Like web domains NewsCrawler addon also enables developers to programmatically submit queries and retrieve news results from the news sites they had given for crawling and thus, to build search products leveraging their own data, content, or other assets. To ensure the authentication of XML call an API key will be provided by Inout WebCrawler Plus administrator. Search engine developer should integrate this API key in the request url when he makes an XML call. Additionally admin may change the type of domain also, that is admin can change web domain to news domain and vice versa thereby providing a degree of flexibility to switch between domains.

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