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Inout spider is a data crawling and web spider script designed for small/medium sized search engines. This powerful script is built on Hypertable database under Hadoop file system. Spider is capable of crawling and indexing large amounts of data and run queries with high speed and great accuracy.

Price starts from: USD 2950


As the database & the business grow in size, Spider is built to scale with demand in queries and pull results without increase in delay. IRIS is capable of delivering great results at blistering speeds.

Personalize The Results

Private search engines can operate under APIs from popular search engines but you can add your own results from your own database along with it to promote your business.

Advanced Open Source Architecture

We push open source technology to limits with Inout Spider. Open source Hadoop & Hypertable technologies are exploited to achieve the advanced architecture and reach. Crawler control, domain selection, depth, geography and many more bells & whistles are only possible due to its advanced architecture.

Multiple Result Channels

Spider is capable of providing multiple types of media and content like images, news or customize to just Wikipedia results. Customized results are easily generated on Inout Spider.

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