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Version History & Changelog

Inout SiteSearch

Version History & Changelog

Here you can find the latest version releases for Inout SiteSearch.

Inout SiteSearch 2.0.1 - Patch Release
Release Date
31 December 2020

Inout SiteSearch version 2.0.1 has been released with some feature improvements and bug fixes.

1. A new feature added to try search and view results as like widget in admin panel itself.

2. Some minor issues have been fixed.
Inout SiteSearch 2.0 - Major Release
Release Date
23 December 2020

New script - Inout SiteSearch - has been released. This is a script designed to add flexible to allow integration to any of your websites.

The redeveloped new Inout SiteSearch script has been released. This is a script designed to easily add search feature (to search within your site) to your website. The script is very much different and improved from its older siblings (1.x versions)
Version change details prior to January 1st, 2020 are not included in this page.
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