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Inout SiteSearch is a premium script that allows you to add a site search feature (searching your own website) instantly without you require to do any complicated coding. All you need to do is to configure some settings in the admin area of the script and add a search widget to your website home page.

Price starts from: USD 149

Fastest Site Search

Inout SiteSearch internally use Google APIs to fetch results for your website and display back to your website. This is done in an extremely efficient way and is done with minimum overhead. Which means the search will be very fast and efficient.

Easy placing of search box

Inout SiteSearch allows you to add a search box to your website very easily. You can find the widget code in the admin area of the script which you can just copy and paste in the web page (html page) where you want to place the search box.

Add one domain or more

Inout SiteSearch can be configured to search only one domain or many domains. For example, if you have a portal that aggregates content from your multiple websites, Inout SiteSearch can be configured to do a search on all these websites. This can be configured in the admin panel.

Result Caching

Inout sitesearch offers you the result cache feature that helps to get faster results. In order to speed up the search query, Inout SiteSearch caches the results into the database for a specific period of time. You can specify the caching period from your admin panel in which the system keeps the result cache up to that particular time. This will also save the API calls.

Customizable Appearance

Inout SiteSearch helps you to manage the look and feel of the search results easily, by allowing you to modify the CSS styles and also can add the custom header and footer if you want.

High Security

Security is the number one concern for your service mainly in the admin panel. We understand it well and we have taken special care to make the software secure. We have employed Google's two factor authentication and Google recaptcha for various admin activities for ensuring high security.

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