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Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart


Multi-Vendor eCommerce Script for small to medium businesses

All Features
Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart
1 Year Support
You will be eligible for free basic support of the script (which includes one time script installation, and clarifying your queries about the features of the script) for one year from the date you purchase the license of the script.
6 Months Updates
During the first 6 months from the date you purchase the license of the script you can upgrade to a version update (if any) of the same script, without paying any upgradation fees.
NEW Mobile Responsive Design
Mobile ready design allows your site visitors to comfortably browse from any device. Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart adapts its layout to any screen size or device.
NEW Simplified Drop Down
Display your product categories in an improved simplified drop down menu.
NEW Protections Plans
Administrators and vendor can add protection plan to products and users can replace the products from corresponding vendor shop if that product is damaged.
NEW Tax Service
Administrators and vendors can add tax percentage to the invoice and customized rates split by area.
NEW Customer Images to Boost Credibility
Customers can upload their images of the product they have purchased and it can be shown against the product.
Physical & Digital Products under one roof
Sell a song and a lawn mower under one domain (Not that you have to). Sell digital and physical products on the same page.
Unlimited Categories, Products & Attributes
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart is designed to hold unlimited amount of products and list them under as many categories as required and describe it with all the attributes from size, shape, colors in drop down boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, plain old texts or whatever you need to promote the product.
Expose products from all angles
Shoppers want to see as much details as possible before buying. There's no limit to the number of product images you can add for each product. Show off your product at every angle even the minute details with Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart.
Embed YouTube Videos
You can exhibit your products like never before by adding videos to your product pages.
Highlight Categories
Highlight the category listing page with images, sub-categories and brands.
Showcase your Products with Zoom
Give customers a crystal clear view of your products with our best Zoom feature. With just a roll of the mouse, shoppers can see the finest details of any product image, helping to raise confidence in the quality of your items before they purchase.
Gift Wrapping
Customer's can add gift-wrap from available hundreds of choices and also can add personalized messages that will be attached when shipping. Send your dear one's warm gifts and wishes with our unique feature.
Guest Checkout Support
Some customers are put-off by being forced to create an account before checking out. For many customers and online store business models, this is a completely unnecessary step. In our Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart you don't have to be a member to purchase items you are looking for, just go ahead, be our guest and get what you need.
Unlimited Members
Become a member of Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart and enjoy the added advantage of maintaining your wallet, where balance amount after shipping will be put. You can use this amount for making any future purchase in our Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart. Also, get add to “wish” list feature and you can maintain your own address book, so that you don't have to enter the address every time when you make a purchase.
Multiple Currency
Set up your store globally with Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart, language or country is no longer a barrier to reach-out to your customers. Give customers an international shopping experience with our multi-currency support. All price details will be internally automatically converted and displayed with chosen currency symbol.
Real-time Currency Exchange Rates
International shoppers can choose to display prices in their own currency. Those converted prices are carried through the entire order process.
Product Compare
Give your customers the added advantage to compare products from same category and to select the best they want with all the features. You can easily add products from same category to compare with one click. Easily get your products compared and choose the most convenient one for you.
Complete Content Management
All content in the script can be changed. All products, logos, brands, categories right down to 'about us', 'terms of conditions', 'privacy policy' can be edited.
View Related Products
Admin can set up relationships between various products in their online store and utilize these relationships to boost up the sales. For example, for a product such as "laptop" you can add the category "laptop accessories" as its related product, by doing so people who view laptop can see products from "laptop accessories" below on the same page under related products.
Shop by Brand
All of us have our own favourite brands right? Acknowledging this habit, we have integrated easy searching filtered by brands. These arrangements help your customers to navigate easily and find their favorite brand products quickly, thus saving time.
Show Recently Viewed Products
Your users can see the last four items they have viewed, with this feature. This allows them to go back and see items they liked but, may have forgotten about.
Easy and fast communication between the admin and the customer is possible with our special messaging feature. Use this if you want to file a complaint or request for a refund or replacement.
Inventory Tracking
Keep track of your inventory at all times. The script will alert you when your inventory is running low. Be in complete control of your inventory.
Order Transaction History
With this feature, you can view the details of transactions that occurred in your site. Transaction history includes payment date, payment method, amount etc. This will help you to gain a clear idea about the income of your store.
Widely Used Payment Platforms
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart is integrated with the widely used payment platforms like Paypal, 2Checkout & PayUMoney for accepting credit cards and online payments.
Split Shipments
Admin can split the orders and ship items to meet his convenience. If a product is currently not in stock he can choose to send them later, when it becomes available. He can print different packing slips for this split shipments.
Packing Slip & Invoice Creation
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart order management system can create packing slips. These packing slips display the contents of the package and any special comments that the merchant wishes to send to the customer.

Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart order management system can create merchant invoices. These invoices display the order line items with corresponding prices.
Automated Email Confirmation
When the admin marks an order as "Shipped" in the system, an e-mail is automatically triggered to the customer informing them that their order has been shipped. If a tracking number is entered, the customer will also receive this in the e-mail so that they may further track their shipment online.
Allow Customer Reviews
Let customers promote your products by easily adding their reviews. These insights can provide real-time feedback for your online store and helps customer to choose the best product.
Add Products to Member's "Wish" Lists
Provide customers the extra benefit of adding products to their 'wish' list for future purchase. This tool invites shoppers to revisit your site and fill up their carts easier than ever before.
Guest Account Shipping
The online store allows customers to determine shipping and sales tax before registering any information on the web site. This feature makes customers feel comfortable so that they are more likely to continue and place their order.
Rate Your Favorite Products
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart allows your users to star individual products. We provide a 5 star rating system along with the rating statistic for each product based on the ratings it has received. This is very useful for getting a real-time feedback from users regarding a product.
Timed Slider/Banner Images
Images can be set for a period to promote offers, releases or automated to promote multiple brands. Set start and end dates for a future time and go on about your work.
Issue Special Offers
Catch customers attention with special offers. You can add seasonal special offers, so that it automatically appears as a homepage background slider.
Easy Refund and Cancellation
The Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart's refund and cancellation process is simple and organized in the best way possible, as your customers need this process to be quick and easy.
Single Page Checkout
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart software provides the most efficient one-page checkout system, without sacrificing its functionality. This system is incorporated with a superior user-friendly interface and the ability to checkout in such a way that its becoming more and more popular among customers. With Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart's one-page checkout, customers can easily return to the previous steps to change their information at any time.
Multi-Language Support
With over 15 languages to choose from, Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart allows you to set a default language for your online store and select other languages to support while allowing your customers to choose the language of your store.
Free Copyright Material
You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want to join our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.
PHP Development With MVC(Model-View-Controller) Framework
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart is using the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the software adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.
Powerful and Feature Rich Multi-Vendor System
Inout Multi-Vendor is the most detailed and powerful multi-vendor system available in the market, which helps different vendors to sell and manage their own products in a common storefront, thus making store owners life easy. Each vendor has separate login to manage their products, orders, shipping, reporting and payments.
Multi-Vendor Products in Single Order
Your customers can buy products from several vendors. All the products from multiple vendors will be treated as a single order. This way, your customers need to make only single payment for all the products in his order. This is one of the main highlight and the most requested feature.
Powerful Dashboard
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart comes with an elegant and powerful dashboard. It is an ultimate control centre page with real-time user interface, containing all the relevant information you need to know at a single glance. You will never miss an event with this attractive yet simple dashboard.
Fast and Easy Vendor Registration
Any registered user of your Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart can request for a vendor account. As soon as the request is submitted, users will be notified of their registration status via email. All the requests received will be in pending state by default and only with the approval of super admin, vendor account requests will be activated. Mail will be sent to the user with account login information as soon as the vendor account is activated. Vendor can login to his account and enjoy all the benefits as a vendor with Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart.
Bulk Product Upload
Uploading hundreds of thousands of products in your shop can be a tiring and time-consuming process. Now with our bulk-uploading feature, you and your vendors can upload products in bulk. All you need to do is edit the XL sheet provided and add the product details. All the products will be added to the database with the help of cron job. Errors encountered at the time of adding product to the database can be easily viewed and edited from the admin/vendor account area. Corrected products will be re-considered, when the next cron jobs execute.
Coupon Codes System
Discounted price promotions are very effective tools for growing any business. Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart allows you and your vendor to create explicit discount coupons based on a category or a product. Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart makes it easy to define and manage the coupon codes. You and your vendors can even create your own customer groups and group specific coupon codes. You and your vendors can even set a cron job to send out coupon codes to customer groups. Coupon codes can be easily redeemed at the time of purchase from cart.
Flexible Home Page Promotional Slides and Banners
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart allows both admin and vendors to manage their own top promotions itself with few simple steps. In this way you can manage your store layout and banners on your site yourself without any technical and artistic knowledge.
Vendor Specific Customer Grouping
You may have your own favourite customers such as regular visitors of your site. Ever wondered if you had the option to sort them out from your other customers? Now with Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart it's possible to create unlimited customer groups. You can easily assign customers to groups and can create special offer coupon codes for them. Coupon codes can be created specific to a product. The created coupon code can be sent to customer groups automatically by setting up a cron job.
Vendor Specific Shipping Methods
Each vendor can configure their own shipping rules and costs. Shipping is country specific and only products to a particular country supported can be included in an order. Shipping cost can be easily calculated from cart. Shipping companies and shipping rules can be easily added from admin/vendor area.
"Add to Cart" in a Single Mouse Click
Get all your desired items into your cart with just a mouse click. Easy shipping and tax calculation, all at one place.
Unlimited Number of Vendor Accounts
There is no limit to the number of vendors that can be included in your store. You can expand your business with no logical restraints and earn commission for each sale they make with your store.
Separate Admin Area for Each Vendor
Each vendor is provided with a separate admin panel to manage their own settings and products. Vendors cannot interfere with each other's activity.
Vendor Ratings
Customers can now decide which vendor to buy from based on the experiences of other customers. Vendor reviews and ratings on Inout ShoppingCart are aimed at helping shoppers decide whom to buy from, while simultaneously providing the feedback to sellers. When an order is complete customers will be provided with a feedback link, where customer can rate the experience he had with the vendor on purchase. These feedback helps the vendor to improve his services and also helps other customers to choose which vendor to buy from. Automated mails will be sent to customers if they have not given a feedback even after their purchase is complete.
Unlimited Sub-Administrators
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart supports many features that may be herculean task for a single admin to perform. Don't you worry, we have the solution for your worries. You can now split your jobs with the help of permission groups. Unlimited permission groups can be created and each group can be assigned with different tasks. Each group will have the permission to access only the tasks assigned to them, thus providing security to your data. You can assign any administrator to your desired permission group. It will restrict the new administrator to work only on those areas where he has privileges.
Earn Commission for Each Sale
Now you can make extra earning from commissions using Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart. You can deduct a commission amount from Vendors for each order they receive from your shop. Commission rate can be easily configured from the admin area and is independent to each vendor.
Ajax Based Price Sorting
Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart comes with adjustable price bar. This feature will help your users to sort the search result based on price range. This will help your users to save the time required to go through all products.
Auto Scrolling
Now with auto scrolling feature, you can get results without making additional clicks to see more products. This replaces the traditional pagination on your store. The added bonus is speed as endless scrolling is much faster than the traditional pagination.
New Arrivals
This feature shows your latest product categories in the store with style. Users can be easily notified about new products arrived in your store. This will help them to keep updated about new products shown in the most elegant way.
Vendor Payment
As the site owner, you have the full control of your store. Vendors can easily sell their products through your store and you can make money by obtaining commission from each sellers. Commissions can be configured individually for each vendor. The money always goes to the merchant account of the root store administrator, who then manually distribute funds among the vendors according to the history of orders, which is tracked and managed separately for each provider.
Shop Turn Over
All the details of vendor earning can be viewed easily in "my earnings" section. Here, we have provided calendar vice sorting to filter search. All the details like commission percentage, orders, total income is displayed here. All details, a vendor needs to know about his earning can be collected from here.
Easy Vendor Contact
All registered users can enjoy this privilege and can easily contact a vendor for inquiries. They can get their queries cleared easily with this feature. The corresponding vendor can answer the queries easily from his admin area. He can choose whether to display or not this inquiry related to the product to other users.
Top Sellers Section
Reward your best. All your top sellers will be displayed based on the number of sales they have committed in public side. This helps the users to gain trust of your shop and your sellers. They can view all details of the vendor here, including his contact details, products and ratings he has received. Users can also go to vendor store from here.
Share Your Favourite Products
Found a great product you want to share with your friends? Now Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart allows you to share your favorite products with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Vendor Request for Category
If your vendors cannot find an appropriate category to post his products, then they can request you to create either a root category or a sub category. You can choose either to accept the request or reject it. If you accept the request then, you will be automatically redirected to category creation section.
Brands and Vendors
For a single product there might be multiple brands and with Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart you can seamlessly add unlimited brands and vendors. All necessary information are collected easily for future references.
Ajax Based Category and Brand Sorting
Ajax based category and brand sorting helps users to sort the results based on brand or category. Ajax based sorting saves users time and they can get faster filtered results without page loading.
Banner Ad Promotions
Vendors can drive traffic to their shop by placing category specific ads in respective category. The request for the banner will be subject to plan as provided by the admin and chosen by the vendor. All international payment gateways are integrated in request for banner ad section. If more than one ad exists for a specific category then it will be shown as slide.
Grade the Vendor Based on Feedback Score
Feedback is an important part for reviewing a seller. Each star represents a range, for example a €˜yellow star™ represent the range 0 - 49 star ratings a vendor received on feedback. The star groups can be viewed from your admin area. Star groups is already integrated in the package and it is automatically displayed for each vendor based on the feedback received.
Product Based Return Policies
We know that return policies can vary from product to product. We support product based return policies, which is simple and flexible. You can add minimum refund period and refund policy at the time of adding a product. This is used for calculating refund request time for a user, specific to a product.
Enable Live Chat Support
You can easily integrate third party live chat generated code in our Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart. Just copy the generated code that you get from the chat script and paste that code in the space provided for live chat code in basic settings of your admin area.
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    Minimum Requirements:

    • PHP 7+
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • 20 GB hosting server space.
    • 2 GB RAM or more.
    • ionCube loaders and other standard packages installed in the server (this can be configured with WHM if it is already not installed).
    • WHM/Cpanel/Plesk control panel
    • You will have to configure SMTP server details in admin area for sending emails to ensure better inbox delivery.

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