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This android app is an addon for Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart edition web script and it works seamlessly only with Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart web script. If you haven't purchased the web script already and if you are looking only for a mobile based service, you may choose to buy ioMob Cart Android App instead, which offers similar features on mobile with a lesser effective price.

Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Mobile App Addon (multi-vendor) provides a better E-commerce platform for selling products by different vendors. Start your own online Shopping Cart on mobile for selling physical or digital products to any buyers, all around the world. Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Mobile App Addon is a perfect E-commerce app to put up for sale of your products and provide your users, a divergent and convenient shopping experience. Your users can select and purchase the product with ease, through Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Mobile App Addon. With advanced Voice and Barcode search and other filtering options, your buyers can instantly find the products they are looking for. Beyond this, Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Mobile App Addon offers each and every important features that are available on our online Shopping Cart Script.
* Mobile app also available for multi-vendor old edition.

Price starts from: USD 349

Stylish & Interactive Design

Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart app addon comes with most stylish and interactive design that suits for every DPI (Dots Per Inch) configuration. The design provided is more attractive than traditional mobile app designs. Users will love this attractive and easy-to-use mobile app.

Fund Through Mobile Paypal Payment

Add amount to your Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart account in Android App through Paypal. Payment Gateway integration is fully customizable. For existing app users, new payment gateway integration can be done without upgrading.

Attractive & User Friendly Searching Option

Buyers can easily find product through voice search option to get result within seconds and they can purchase the product without wasting any time! Barcode scan and advanced searching also provides better searching experience. Keyword suggestion is another way to reach the product easily.

E-Commerce Under Single Roof

Revenue and Inventory management, multiple brands and category, gift wrapping, guest checkout, coupon generation, shipping, add fund, different type of filtering & searching and many more features under one roof.

Easily Manageable

With Inout Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart mobile app addon, your users can easily manage products at their finger touch. In product details page, a touch on product image displays zoomed image of product. Single touch for opening pop-up window displaying gift wrapping and coupon features in cart and all type of searching is provided.

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