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Version History & Changelog

Inout Music

Version History & Changelog

Here you can find the latest version releases for Inout Music.

Inout Music 5.1.2 - Patch Release
Release Date
19 October 2023

Inout Music 5.1.2 patch version has been released

1. Some minor issues has been fixed.

2. Minor design related tweaks done.

Inout Music 5.1.1 - Patch Release
Release Date
15 December 2021

Inout Music 5.1.1 patch version has been released

1. Some minor issues has been fixed.
Inout Music 5.1 - Minor Release
Release Date
30 October 2020

Inout Music version 5.1 has been released with additional features to enhance user experience.

1. Bug fixing related to the removal of restriction for adding ungrouped audio or video tracks.

2. Option for the admin to configure and manage mobile app related data.

3. Option to showcase the mobile app link on home page.

4. Detailed statistics for artists.

5. Improved track browsing feature.

6. Various other minor feature improvements and bug fixes.
Inout Music 5.0 - Major Release
Release Date
21 May 2020

Inout Music version 5.0 has been released with an improved layout in responsive manner.

1. The existing login page for the users will be modified by including the facebook, twitter and google login.

2. You can manage all site contents like site title, meta keywords etc from admin side.

3. Including a Follow button on an artist profile page, enables a visitor to click it and follow the corresponding artist, when users add album and tracks of corresponding artists, the following users get notification either in their inbox or via mail (Decided by admin, admin has the privilege to enable or disable those options).
Version change details prior to January 1st, 2020
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