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Inout Music


Premium Music Selling Script loaded with apt features for your e-Business.

All Features
1 Year Support
You will be eligible for free basic support of the script (which includes one time script installation, and clarifying your queries about the features of the script) for one year from the date you purchase the license of the script.
6 Months Updates
During the first 6 months from the date you purchase the license of the script you can upgrade to a version update (if any) of the same script, without paying any upgradation fees.
NEWSocial media login
The existing login page for the users will be modified by including the facebook, twitter and google login. The admin must set the credentials for social media login from admin area, also admin has the privilege to enable and disable social media login.
Mails are sent using SMTP, admin can configure smtp details from admin side.
NEWArtist Follow
Including a Follow button on an artist profile page, enables a visitor to click it and follow the corresponding artist, when users add album and tracks of corresponding artists, the following users get notification either in their inbox or via mail (Decided by admin, admin has the privilege to enable or disable those options).
NEWSite contents management
You can manage all site contents like site title, meta keywords etc from admin side.
NEWPowerful Admin Dashboard
A member can like any album published by other members. Likes will help other visitors/members to choose the best albums from a wide collection.
Audio/Video Tracks & Albums
Let the sellers add their music in audio or video format.
Demo Tracks
Along with each track and album the sellers may upload a sample demo, which can help the buyers to choose an album or track before they confirm their purchase.
Audio/Video Player
Tracks can be played on Inout Music. Try them out before buying them or just listen to freely listed ones. Stay and enjoy.
Artists & Genre Classification
You may create music genres to any level. It will allow sellers to organize their tracks/albums in the very specific genre rather than tagging it into a more generic level. Members can add any number of artists' profile they prefer and tag those artists to the albums or tracks they sell.
Music Search
Advanced music search options with multiple filters like name, type, genre,artist and country helps your members to find the exact track/albums and the artists they are looking for.
Like Your Favorite Albums
A member can like any album published by other members. Likes will help other visitors/members to choose the best albums from a wide collection.
Albums/Tracks Browsing
Users can browse through all albums and tracks in your portal. They can narrow it down further, based on the origin of the album.
User comments
Let your music portal be expressive and active. The member/visitor comments on each album will keep your portal lively and active.
Abuse reports
Keep your portal clean. You visitors can now report any abusive albums/tracks they find as inappropriate for your portal. You can later view all these abuse reports from your admin area and take necessary action.
Purchase Album or Tracks Individually
Members may purchase a complete album or they can choose the tracks they want to purchase. Sellers can specify the individual track price and the total album price.
Automated Paypal Payments
Secure and automated Paypal money deposit will make your members more comfortable to use. The funds they add using Paypal will be instantly available to their account.
Prolonged Music Storage
Inout Music allows your buyers to download the track/album according their convenience. It will not force your buyers to download the album immediately or to get it by email instantly. But they can download it any time they want after their purchase.
Any Currency Support
Inout Music allows you to choose any currency you want to let your member's trade with. You can configure the Paypal payment and currency details from your admin area.
Members withdraw money after requesting
If a seller wants to withdraw money from his account, he can raise a withdrawal request. You can verify that request from your admin area, verify the member sales history and process the request.
Advanced and Detailed System Statistics
You will be able to view complete system statistics about the users, sales, profit, audio/video albums and tracks from your admin area. It will help you to track to progress of your portal at any point in time.
Open source code
All files except a few library files and controllers (which you never need to modify) are open source and you may do code level customization even in the admin area.
Single Sign-On
Artists and buyers needn't have separate accounts anymore. Users can sell and purchase from a single login. There is no need to have multiple accounts for a single user.
Advertisement Enabled
Now earn more money with Inout Music by adding your ad codes. You can easily add your Google Adsense/other affiliate ad codes to the template files.
Free Copyright Removal
You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want to join our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.
PHP development with MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework
Inout Music uses the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the software adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.
Easily customizable
Inout Music is preloaded with a modern stylish color front end design. Don't be satisfied. The entire pages are template driven and it allows you to modify the page to any look and feel that you want.
Responsive Design
Responsive design in both admin side and public side gives a stunning aesthetic appearance on any device or platform. Music automatically adjusts its layout to suit the device without loss of data or quality.
Built-In Uninterrupted Player.
The music player continues to play the track while you browse the website and move from page to page uninterrupted. The AJAX loaded script lets the HTML5 music player continue without stoppage.
AJAX loaded Design
The entire script is AJAX loaded meaning, the website doesn't have to reload the page every time. Each new page is loaded within the same page beautifully for fast loading, data processing and uninterrupted music play.
Create multiple playlists and listen to your favorite music right from the script. Offer your customers another reason to stay.
Share The Music
Inout Music is integrated with all major social media platforms to allow easy sharing of tracks, artists, albums. Drive traffic back to your portal.
SEO Friendly
All content that you add will be stored in SEO friendly formats as well to increase traffic. Allow all the bots to crawl and let them index your pages with rich SEO data.
2checkout Integration
Another payment mode is added. If you require another payment mode that we currently do not offer, integrated into the system, please contact us for customization. We are happy to do it.
Artist Fan Club
This feature adds a fan community network feature to your portal. Your members can join any artist's fan club whom they prefer. Each fan club has a discussion board where members can post their comments and communicate between each other.
One Time/Recurring Registration Fees
If you want to introduce a paid membership scheme for your members, Inout Music allows you to do so. You may configure different payment plans from your admin area and based on the amount and validity period, you may choose whether it should be a one time payment or recurring payments with configurable validity periods.
Mobile Phone/PDA Mode
Now, you can load Inout Music on your mobile phone/PDA device easily with the exciting new mobile interface. You may now extend your sites reach with mobile compatible Inout Music. Compete with your competitors, who may look to take advantage of the new occasion inherent in mobile mode, by using Mobile Music Browse feature of the Inout Music. Make your site mobile compatible in just one click. Mobile music browse is possible with all languages. All other features like search, music browse, themes etc are also available in the mobile mode.
Free / Commercial Music Portal
Are you thinking of running a free music portal or a commercial one? Do you want to host a free portal at the beginning and later change it to a commercial portal? Inout Music allows you to switch between free and commercial modes without affecting any uploaded data. It gives you flexibility over your dynamic and timely needs.
Free Music Section
Even when you host a commercial portal, there can be many albums and tracks that are listed as free. Inout Music has a special area from where users can download these free music immediately. They don't have to go through each and every track to see whether it is free or not, but can easily find free music available from this special area.
Public/Member Download
Administrator can decide whether to allow your visitors to download the free tracks even before they register/login into your portal.
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    Minimum Requirements:

    • PHP 7.4+
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • 20 GB hosting server space.
    • 2 GB RAM or more.
    • ionCube loaders and other standard packages installed in the server (this can be configured with WHM if it is already not installed).
    • WHM/Cpanel/Plesk control panel
    • You will have to configure SMTP server details in admin area for sending emails to ensure better inbox delivery.

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