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Frequently asked questions

Inout Homestay

Frequently Asked Questions

Inout Homestay is a rental portal script. A one stop hub for users to list their rental property.


What is Inout Homestay?

Inout Homestay is a premium, feature rich vacation rental / homestay rental script which allows your customers to rent out their homes or rooms for temporary stay. This helps you do business in the tourism domain where AirBnB is working/operating. 


Who are your customers?

Our ideal customers are those who are looking to start on online venture in tourism industry or short term property rental industry such as

a) Those who want to start a business competing with AirBnB.com, booking.com, trivago.com, agoda.com or any other company who are into short term rental or real estate business. 

b) Those who want to run a portal with a short stay marketplace within a region or worldwide.

c) Governments or NGOs who want to support local tourism businesses. 

d) Online boat booking services.

e) Online hotel/homestay booking services.

f) as a generic booking portal for booking/renting any property (minor customizations may be required to match the industry/context)


Is Inout Homestay mobile responsive?

Yes, Inout Homestay public and member pages are fully mobile responsive. That means when the script (i.e., the website based on Inout Homestay) is accessed from mobile phone browser or in a small screen device browser, the page layout adjusts automatically to fit within the size of the screen. This gives excellent and easy user experience to your users who're accessing the service from any device of their choice.

What are the payment methods available in Inout Homestay?

Your customers can pay you through Paypal, 2checkout (for credit card payments). They can also make you direct bank payment. If you want us to integrate additional payment gateways, we can integrate those payment gateways of your preference as a custom integration work.

How does the Search Map work? Are you using any API?

Yes, we are using the popular Google Map API (paid API) for the search map features for better user experience on Map based searches. The API integration is as easy as just configuring your API keys from your admin area. 


Is Inout Homestay multilingual and can support any number of languages?

Yes, the script supports all LTR (left to right) based languages. You can easily add a new language from the admin area and manage the translations of various messages too from admin area. By default the script has only a limited number of languages pre-added, but you have the option to add any number of languages you want to support from the service. 

One additional feature is that Inout RealEstate allows your users to choose their preferred language as well. It helps you to easily run the service targeting a region who speaks multiple languages. For example, if you are running the service in Switzerland, where people speaks German, French, Romansh or Italian, you can add and manage all these languages from your admin area and allow your users to choose their preferred language (or to change to their preferred language) when they access your website. 

The script also provides limited support for R2L languages (Right to Left written languages like Arabic) also. For example, if you want to support R2L languages (like Arabic), that too is possible, though the layout of the site generally remains from Left to Right. In such cases, if you want to change the layout too to make it look from right to left (in addition to the text), that can be done with simple changes in the template files (which, if you want, we can do for you as a customization)


How can I monetise the Homestay portal service I run using the script?

You can configure your commission rates inside the script. For each booking happening through the service, you can earn your commission in accordance with the configuration you made. 


How does the booking work?

Inout Homestay booking works based on the dates/duration selected by the end users. Once the payment is done by the user, the dates selected by the user will be blocked for that particular listing and the owner of the listing will be notified.


Does the tenant/user have the option to rate the property/hotel in which they booked?

Yes, the tenant/user will get the option to rate property/hotel after completing their stay in the booked property. 


How can the tenant/user communicate with the listing owners who have listed their properties in the service?

There is an internal messaging system and a live chat system integrated within the script. The users can use these features to communicate for the communications between the listing owners and the users.


How can a user (or a listing owner) contact me (or the admin of the service)?

Sure, the registered users can contact the admin through the support ticket option available to them. Inout Homestay has an inbuilt support system which allows your users to send you support tickets in case they have a question or need assistance. For any such tickets posted by your users, you will be notified over email (to the notification email, which you have configured in the script).

Does the Inout Homestay script show related searches for the user?

Reading the users’ preferences automatically based on their searches, Inout Homestay will show related properties to your users which the user may also want to consider. We hope your users will love this feature. 

What is a super host? How can a user become a super host ?

Super host is the feature available in Inout Homestay where popular listing owners can be given a super host status by the admin to give them more visibility and business opportunities. 

Is there a way I can approve a property/listing only after verifying the address or genuineness of the listing?

Inout Homestay supports address verification of the properties if the admin wants to. Address verification is not mandatory though. If an admin wants,he can enable this  feature from the settings. There are two different modes of address verification, which also the admin can choose based on his preference. 

Flexible Mode: In this mode a user can decide whether to verify the address of his/her listing or not. If he wants, he can send a verification request to the admin following the verification procedures.

Strict Mode:  In this mode a user must verify the address of his listing. Only after verification of the address will his listing be in active state. 

Is there any limit on creating users or listings?

There is no limit set by the script in connection with the number of users or listings that can be added.

How can I integrate Google Analytics (for visitor tracking) code?

You can easily integrate your Google Analytics code from the admin area. You can easily configure your analytics code in the admin area, so that the configured analytics code will automatically included in all the public and member pages, thus effectively enabling you to track your visitors and their activities. 


Can admin add his own listings?

Yes, admin can add and manage his own listings from the admin area. These listings added by the admin can be separately managed by the admin easily and conveniently. 


What is the minimum hosting requirement of the script?

The script has to be installed on a web server with below minimum configurations. 

A shared/VPS/dedicated server with minimum 2 GB RAM.
Free storage of minimum 10 GB.
PHP 7.2 or higher
MySQL 5+
ionCube loader pre-installed
WHM/Cpanel/Plesk Access (We are expecting all standard PHP plugins (like curl, mbstring etc) are installed and enabled for PHP. If not, if you have the WHM access we can install those extensions for you, or you can install it yourself)

Note: If you are choosing VPS/Dedicated servers and If you have the option to choose OS for VPS/Dedicated server, we recommend CentOS 7, or Ubuntu linux distribution, with WHM and cPanel installed. 


Is this script SEO friendly? How can we set meta contents?

Yes, the script is generally SEO friendly and has numerous on-page optimization features. You have the option to turn on Search Engine friendly URLs. Also you can add the meta keywords and meta data from the admin area for various pages

Do I need a specialist to install the script?

If you have experience with simple wordpress installation uploading the wordpress package to your server, most probably you can install the script yourself without any support/assistant. This script is easy to install just following the Readme file, if you have basic knowledge about your environment. 

Additionally, we also provide you one time FREE professional installation service for this script provided all the necessary server access details are given to us. 


I’ve a special requirement which I would like to implement in the script? Can you customize the script to fit in my requirement?

Let's discuss your requirements. We are usually very positive about custom works so long as it can fit in within our schedules. You may send your requirements to [email protected] OR connect us via Skype to our account ‘inoutscripts’. Our support team will collect your requirements and connect to you a technical person as and when required for details. We’ll then send you a rough quote, if you like the pricing, then we’ll send you a detailed workflow for your final approval and to make sure we both are on the same page regarding the requirements. This workflow will act as a document of our technical understanding about the customisation. We usually accept the customization fee in 2 instalments. 50% upfront, 50% at the time of delivery. Larger customizations (10,000 USD+), can be done in 3 instalments (35% + 35% + 30%)

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