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This iOS app is an addon for Inout Homestay web script and it works seamlessly only with Inout Homestay web script. If you haven't purchased the web script already and if you are looking only for a mobile based service, you may choose to buy ioMob Rooms iOS App instead, which offers similar features on mobile with a lesser effective price.

Inout Homestay iOS App Addon is a Rental Portal App which allows your users to list out their variety of spaces such as Beds and Breakfast, Beach Houses, Boat or Conference/Entertainment space. With our Inout Homestay iOS App Addon you can hold unlimited number of users and listings, with multiple revenue opportunities giving small business owners an opportunity to cash in on a growing property rental industry. Your users can book from variety of spaces added by Admin and Host, using Inout Homestay iOS App Addon.

Price starts from: USD 449

Stylish & Interactive Design

Inout Homestay iOS App Addon comes with most stylish and interactive design that suits for every DPI (Dots Per Inch) configuration. The design provided is more attractive than traditional mobile app designs. Users will love this attractive and easy to use mobile app for sure.

Easy & Secure Rental Booking

Inout Homestay iOS App Addon provides easy and secure booking of rental property. The app offer your users to spend less time and effort on property booking. Refund and credit option values the security and trust of users booking.

Detailed, Unlimited listings

Add multiple fields of information to give visitors more idea about the property. By including high quality images your users can attract visitors to their property listings. Inout Homestay iOS App Addon can handle unlimited number of listings and registered users.

Multiple Revenue Options & Payment Gateways

When a listed property is rented, transaction fee from users will increases your revenue. Standard & common payment gateways offer ease of doing business with your clients.

Powerful Dashboard

Your dashboard offers complete control over your website, which includes revenue tracking & management, users management, settings and detailed advanced options with quick look data available on the status, of your rental listing portal. Customize your business model & build a unique website on your own.

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installation 6 months updates 1 year standard support
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