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Inout Custom Exchanger


Secure Online Money Exchange Service Script works with various real world fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, INR etc.

All Features
1 Year Support
You will be eligible for free basic support of the script (which includes one time script installation, and clarifying your queries about the features of the script) for one year from the date you purchase the license of the script.
6 Months Updates
During the first 6 months from the date you purchase the license of the script you can upgrade to a version update (if any) of the same script, without paying any upgradation fees.
Explore an Enhanced Platform for Trading Various Items and Fiat Currencies
Inout Custom Exchanger introduces an advanced and efficient platform for seamlessly exchanging a diverse range of items with fiat currency. Enjoy the flexibility to trade any item you desire with a wide variety of fiat currencies.
Offering a Higher Level of Security and Asset Protection
Inout Custom Exchanger ensures the security and protection of your assets. This is accomplished through the use of Google's two-factor authentication, password security, and email confirmation for riskier activities.
Stylish and Interactive Designs
Inout Custom Exchanger boasts a stylish and interactive design. Users will undoubtedly appreciate this attractive and user-friendly interface for trading.
Accurate and Interactive Charts
Inout Custom Exchanger offers an extremely accurate and interactive chart design provided by the tradingview.com's trading graph. This feature empowers users to analyze data and gain a clear understanding of the market's status.
Multiple Revenue Generation Techniques
Business owners can generate revenue from multiple sources, both from buyers and sellers. Admins also earn a share when buying or selling occurs within the network.
Two-Factor Authentication
Inout Custom Exchanger provides the option to enable two-factor authentication for both admins and users to add an extra layer of security to their accounts.
IP-Level Security
Inout Custom Exchanger offers IP-level security for users and admins, allowing them to add specific IP addresses to their accounts and requiring email confirmation for logins from other IPs.
New, Basic, and Advanced Account Types
Inout Custom Exchanger offers three different levels of accounts. New users begin with a New account and can upgrade to a Basic account, and further upgrade to an Advanced account.
Limit and Conditional Orders
Inout Custom Exchanger allows users to create limit and conditional orders. Limit orders are added directly to the market, while conditional orders enable the selling or buying of commodities without stock loss by holding the order and adding it to the market at an appropriate time based on market conditions.
Spot Buy/Sell
Users have the option to instantly buy or sell items authorized by the admin at a price relative to the current market rate.
Multiple Payment Options for Fiat Currency Deposits
Various popular payment options are available, including PayPal and 2Checkout. Additionally, a bank payment option is provided to enhance business transactions.
Social Media Links
Promote your business with social media links displayed at the footer of every page, leading back to their respective pages.
Mobile-Ready (Responsive) Web Design
Inout Custom Exchanger is designed to operate on all mobile devices, including Android phones, iPhones, Windows phones, and various tablet computers. It is accessible through any mobile browser.
Multiple Language Support
The entire public side of the script can be customized to the language of your choice. You can easily add and manage any left-to-right written language from your admin area.
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    Minimum Requirements:

    • PHP 7+
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • 50 GB hosting server space.
    • 2 GB RAM.
    • Reasonably secure server infrastructure from a good web hosting service provider.
    • Tradingview.com account with chart library use permission.
    • ionCube loaders and other standard packages installed in the server (this can be configured with WHM if it is already not installed).

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installation 6 months updates 1 year standard support
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