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Frequently asked questions

Inout Custom Exchanger

Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Online Money Exchange Service Script works with various real world fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, INR etc.


What is Inout Custom Exchanger?

Inout Custom Exchanger is an exchange script enabling customers to operate a sophisticated system that trades various items against real-world money (e.g., USD, EURO). Examples of possible trading pairs include GOLD-USD, PLATINUM-USD, etc. You have the flexibility to add as many FIAT currencies as you want to support in your exchange.


I'm still concerned about security! Can you provide details on other security measures you have implemented?

Certainly! Security is our TOP priority as well. Without adequate security, an exchange cannot function effectively. Our exchange scripts are carefully designed to achieve higher security following industry best practices. Let us explain some of the default script version's security measures:

The default script version includes the following security measures:

 - Google reCAPTCHA for all member/admin logins (Google reCAPTCHA V2 - "I'm not a robot" style).

- Two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator for both admin and members, enabling an additional layer of security.

- IP address-based restrictions: Users can blacklist/whitelist IP addresses, and new IP addresses require email approval for access, enhancing account security.

- HTTPS readiness (standard but worth mentioning).

- Member KYC verification to ensure identity verification before withdrawal requests.
Please note that while we provide these security tools, the ultimate responsibility for security lies with you. When used effectively, these features can significantly enhance security.

What do you mean by member verification?

Member verification involves standard KYC procedures followed in various exchanges. Each member may need to upload their address/identity proof, which you can verify manually before allowing them to withdraw from the exchange.


Can my users buy/sell items?

We allow your end users to easily buy/sell items on your service without participating in exchange trading. You have the option to dictate the buy/sell price or configure the pricing to float around the market price of the item in your exchange, with a configurable profit margin percentage.

How does the automatic price calculation system work?

Our platform features an efficient automatic price calculation system. Prices are automatically determined based on current market rates and the volume of buy and sell orders. The system continuously monitors order activity, adjusting prices to manage demand and encourage trading opportunities.


How would I earn money from running a service based on the script?

The primary source of income from running an exchange is fees/charges and trade commissions. For example, you can charge your users 0.25% (or any preferred value) of their trade as your fees. You can also charge fees for credit card deposits, bank deposits, and/or all kinds of withdrawals. You have total control over these fees, allowing you to change, add, or remove fees as needed. All charges/fees can be managed from the admin area of the script.


How much time does it usually take for you to install the exchange script?

After your payment, you can download the script immediately from your member area. If you prefer, you can install it yourself by following the readme file. The procedures are straightforward, and many clients choose to install the script themselves. If you want us to install the script for you, we typically take up to 2-3 working days (often finishing within the first working day) after you provide us with your server access details. You can email your server access details (WHM/Cpanel or Linux root access) to [email protected] so that we can take it from there. If you want us to handle the installation, the first step is to make the payment for the script license. Once the payment is complete, you can send your server access details to your email. Also, let us know the domain name where you want to install the script along with any other suggestions/instructions.
Note that after the installation of the script, you may need to configure API details (and chart license (free)) etc. You can follow the admin area instructions to configure the API parameters yourself or seek help from our support person to help you configure the API keys/parameters, etc.


I have a special requirement that I would like to implement in the exchange script. Can you customize the script to fit my requirements?

Let's discuss your requirements. We are usually very positive about custom works as long as they can fit within our schedules. You may send your requirements to [email protected] OR connect with us via Skype at 'inoutscripts'. Our support team will collect your requirements and connect you with a technical person as and when required for details. We'll then send you a rough quote. If you agree to the pricing, we'll provide you with a detailed workflow for your final approval. This ensures we both understand the requirements. We usually accept the customization fee in two installments: 50% upfront and 50% at the time of delivery. Larger customizations (10,000 USD+), can be done in three installments (35% + 35% + 30%).


Why a TradingView chart? Is there any other chart system?

TradingView is widely regarded as one of the best charting software for stock markets. Accordingly, we allow clients to integrate with TradingView charts if they prefer. TradingView charts are FREE to integrate, so we encourage everyone to integrate them after getting approval from TradingView. Integration of charts is as simple as uploading a few files provided by tradingview.com into a specific folder (we'll help you to upload it if you need our help).
The script also comes with another simple chart by default. So, if you don't want to use the advanced TradingView chart, you can use the default chart that comes with the script. You can turn on/off these charts or switch between them anytime. You have settings in the admin area to control that.


How can I get further support after I purchase the script?

You can send us your support request via live chat, posting a ticket, or by sending an email to [email protected].
Additionally, we encourage our customers to connect with us on Skype (Skype account name: inoutscripts), especially if you want to do customization works. We usually create a Skype discussion group connecting the developers too so that throughout the customization development process, you can connect with the developer and communicate with each other for feedback, demos, etc.


Is there any yearly license fee?

No, there is no yearly license fee for Inout Custom Exchanger or any of its add-ons. If you choose to extend your yearly support after the first year, or if you want to download the latest version of the script, you may choose to extend your support for a year by paying the applicable support extension fees. This is optional, and not mandatory. Many of our clients choose not to extend support at the end of the first year as they can handle all parts of the scripts within a month after purchasing the license. If you choose to extend your support at any time in the future, the applicable extended support period shall be one year from the date of payment for the support extension.

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