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Inout Blockchain AltExchanger


Start a Premium and Secure Online CryptoCurrency Exchange Service Script Works with other cryptocurrencies.

Main Features
1 Year Support
You will be eligible for free basic support of the script (which includes one time script installation, and clarifying your queries about the features of the script) for one year from the date you purchase the license of the script.
6 Months Updates
During the first 6 months from the date you purchase the license of the script you can upgrade to a version update (if any) of the same script, without paying any upgradation fees.
Better Platform to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger provides you a better and efficient platform to exchange your cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies. You can trade your available cryptocurrency with wide variety of other crypto assets.
Allows Trading of Top Cryptocurrencies
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger can currently support Bitcoin(BTC), Etherium(ETH), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC) , 0x ( ZRX ) , and USD Coin (USDC) by default and can be enabled or disabled from admin panel. The software connects to your coinbase.com using your legal API keys to store and withdraw money to and from your primary wallet.
Offers an Option to Add Additional Cryptocurrencies
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger offers you to manage and add additional unlimited cryptocurrencies to the software.
Offering higher level of security and protection to your currency
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger ensures the security and protection towards your asset. We ensure it by using Google’s two factor authentication, password security, email confirmation for more risky activities.
Stylish and Interactive Designs
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger comes with most stylish and interactive design. Users will surely love this attractive and easy interface to trade.
Accurate and Interactive chart
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger offers two very accurate and interactive chart designs, One standard chart provided by amchart and another advanced chart provided by the tradingview.com's trading graph that offer users the ability to investigate data and provides them with clear idea about market status. Admin can enable or disable each chart from admin panel.
Multiple Revenue Generation Techniques
Business owner can earn revenue from multiple resources, from a buyer as well as a seller. When a selling or buying occurs in the network admin too earns. Also he can earn from withdrawals.
Two Factor Authentication
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger provides to enable two Factor authentication to both admin and user to ensure their account with an extra level of security. There is an option to enable or disable this level of protection.
IP level Security
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger provides IP level security to users and admin so that they can add specific addresses from their account and prompts email confirmation for login from other IPs. Also have the option to disable this feature if not needed, but always enabling is the best.
New, Basic and Advanced Account Types
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger offers 3 different levels of accounts. All new users are of New category and can upgrade to Basic account or to Advanced account.
Limit and Conditional Orders
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger allow users to create limit and conditional orders. Limit orders are added directly to the market and conditional order allows to sell or buy your coins without stock loss by holding your order and adds to market in appropriate time depending on market.
Ensures Privacy and Security To your Private Documents
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger will not keep your private documents that are submitted while account upgradation to any server. We will just send the documents as email to admin.
Backup your Order history and Data
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger provides advanced option to backup your order history and data to be downloaded as csv files from your account.
Automatic Safe Transfer of Cryptocurrency
Inout Blockchain AltExchanger automatically transfer your cryptocurrencies to external secure wallet (like a hardware wallet etc) if cryptocurrencies are found beyond a limit(configurable) in your primary wallet.
Social Media Links
Promote your business with social media links that are shown at the footer of every page. These links lead back to the respective pages.
Mobile Ready (Responsive) Web Design
Exchange and trade currencies on any device. Inout Blockchain AltExchanger script is designed to operate on all mobile devices including android phones, iphone, windows phones and various tablet computers. All you need is a mobile browser for your mobile device.
Multiple Language Support
The entire public side of the script can be customized to the language of your choice. You can easily add/manage any (L2R - Left to Right Written) language from your admin area.
  • !

    Minimum Requirements:

    • PHP 7+
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • 50 GB hosting server space.
    • 2 GB RAM.
    • Reasonably secure server infrastructure from a good web hosting service provider.
    • Coinbase.com account with API access enabled.
    • Tradingview.com account with chart library use permission.
    • ionCube loaders and other standard packages installed in the server (this can be configured with WHM if it is already not installed).
    • These two addons Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens Manager (AX Edition) Addon and Bitcoin Interfacer (AX Edition) Addon requires a separate Linux server to install these addons. NodeJS and MongoDB also to be installed in such Linux Server.

View Full Feature List
Advanced Platform to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies with alternative crypto assets.
Users can trade currencies with affordable profit based on market status.
Stylish and interactive chart (tradingview.com and amchart) that describes clear market status.
Easy account registration.
Live and periodic update of trading data.
Easily manageable bids and asks.
Two Factor authentication to ensure the account an extra level of security to your account activity.
IP level protection to your account that insists you email confirmation to access your account.
Different account types - New, Basic and Advanced, each can withdraw different units of amount per day.
Option to add conditional orders to sell or buy your coins without stock loss.
Unlimited markets and users.
Option to create individual wallet address for users. .
Easy wallet generation for users and easy deposit of cryptocurrency.
Flexible account upgradation procedure to basic and advanced account.
Ensures privacy and security to the documents that you submitted for account upgradation by sending them as email to admin rather than keeping them on server.
Limit and conditional orders.
View of market summary in detail page - including 24hr High, 24hr Low and highest, lowest bid value. .
Cancellation of open orders any time.
Multiple language feature and allow users to change the language as per their wish. .
Option to view site traffic with the help of google analytics code.
Advanced option to backup your order history and data to be downloaded as csv files.
Email notifications and various activities can be turned On/Off as per your wish.
SMTP mailing system can be configured from admin panel. If not configured it uses php mail for sending emails.
User specific deposit wallet address creation for each cryptocurrency.
Enable and disable email notification by users.
Easy deposit and withdrawal for users.
Allow withdrawals upto a limit without any admin approval.
Promote your business with social media links that are shown at the footer of every page. These links lead to the respective pages.
Automatic transfer of your cryptocurrencies to external secure wallet (like a hardware wallet etc) if cryptocurrencies are found beyond a limit (configurable) in your primary wallet.
Unlimited cryptocurrencies.
Option to add and manage cryptocurrencies.
Higher level of security to account with google captcha, email confirmation for login attempt from new IP address.
Option to manage users.
Coins and market management.
Option to get revenue from buyer and seller for each trade.
Two factor authentication can be enabled in admin account that ensures a second level of identity.
Upgrade and manage user account types - basic and advanced.
IP level security that ensures identity by email confirmation when trying to access the account other than a specified IP address.
Keep the system safe from unexpected loss by enabling hardware wallet setting, there by move coins from hardware wallet.
Maintain different withdrawal limit for each of the different account type users.
Can maintain a Withdrawal Threshold for users that limits the automatic processing of withdrawals.This will keep the system in admin control.
Can manage and update logo and meta contents of the system.
Configurable admin revenue which is to be earned from buyer and seller.
Manageable public page contents about, terms and privacy in different languages.
Customizable email templates that allow admin to configure email structure that are sent.
Summarized view of cryptocurrency balances.
Detailed market statistics and analysis.
Option to add new cryptocurrencies.
Option to disable his login captcha and IP security.
Can view activity log of himself and also of users.
Option to view admin revenue statistics in each cryptocurrencies separately.
Option to view system user balances in each of the cryptocurrencies.
Option to enable or disable each of the trading view and amchart charts from admin panel. .
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