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Version History & Changelog

Inout Adserver

Version History & Changelog

Here you can find the latest version releases for Inout Adserver.

Inout Adserver 8.0 - Major Release
Release Date
20 October 2023

Inout Adserver 8.0 main version has been released.

1. Browser Targeting PPC Ads- Latest edition allows advertisers to choose the browser in which you want your ppc ad to be shown. Advetisers may choose the browser while adding the ppc ad so that the ppc ad will be shown only on the mapped browser.

2. New Statistics Layout- Latest edition gives you a new layout of click,impression statistics in advertiser,publisher and admin area.

3. PPC Ad Search- Latest edition allows you to search ppc ads by name in manage ppc ads page in advertiser and admin area.

4. Some minor issues has been fixed.
Inout Adserver 7.1 - Minor Release
Release Date
20 November 2020

Inout Adserver version 7.1 has been released with some feature improvements and bug fixes.

1. Some minor issues related with ad display have been fixed.

2. Announcement display area for both advertiser and publisher have been modified.

3. Some minor adjustments made with respect to user preference.
Version change details prior to January 1st, 2020 are not included in this page.
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