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Inout Adserver


Inout Adserver and its three Editions boasts of a plethora of powerful features and functions that makes it the most successful ad serving script on the market.

Main Features
1 Year Support
You will be eligible for free basic support of the script (which includes one time script installation, and clarifying your queries about the features of the script) for one year from the date you purchase the license of the script.
6 Months Updates
During the first 6 months from the date you purchase the license of the script you can upgrade to a version update (if any) of the same script, without paying any upgradation fees.
NEWBrowser Targeting PPC Ads
Latest edition allows advertisers to choose the browser in which you want your ppc ad to be shown. Advetisers may choose the browser while adding the ppc ad so that the ppc ad will be shown only on the mapped browser.
NEWNew Statistics Layout
Latest edition gives you a new layout of click,impression statistics in advertiser,publisher and admin area.
NEWPPC Ad Search
Latest edition allows you to search ppc ads by name in manage ppc ads page in advertiser and admin area.
Advertisers & Publishers Management
Manage progress and activity of both Advertisers and Publishers. Easily review Ads, view click and impression stats, track fraudulent clicks and payment/withdrawal. As your e-Business grows, you can continue to add more advertisers and publishers. Inout Adserver is designed to scale and deliver consistent performance as users and traffic increases.
Ads Management
Create text, banner, catalog and flash (swf) ads easily with Inout Adserver. Approve or Reject ads that are awaiting your approval. Easily find ads you are looking for from among thousands with search filter on keywords, target locations and statistics.
Ad Blocks & Ad Display Management
The script owner can define custom Ad blocks (NO! They are not for blocking Ads). Ad blocks are defined parameters for an Ad Display Unit. Ad Display Units are ads that are displayed on Target Websites. Various options on ad display units are pre-defined but feel free to define your own parameters on your Inout Adserver.
Keyword Management
Manage your targeting keywords for the ad server by adding or restricting keywords against the ads. The right keywords may be used to efficiently target its market and undesirable keywords can prevent ads from being shown in those sites and save impresssions, thereby improving efficiency yet again.
Easy Ad Code Generation - Search & Display Network
Ad codes can easily be generated and they resemble Adsense codes (to improve familiarity). Ad sense codes operate differently for both Search and Content Display Ads. Keywords are used to target Search Ads whereas Content Display ads use meta content to display ads.
Fraudulent & Repetitive Click Tracking Mechanism
Integrity of the clicks are crucial. Inout Adserver can tell the clicks apart from one another based on its source. Ad tracking mechanism will detect clicks from publishers on the ads and it can capture repetitive clicks. It will also reject ad clicks that are coming from IPs were the ads where not displayed.
Ad Rotation for efficient Ad Management.
Over a period of time, there are going to be hundreds of thousands of Ads and it is difficult to manage them without automated Ad rotation. Ad rotation feature allows you to set preferences to ads based on clicks, counter, the age of the ads or a combination of these stats. Now your popular ads and/or new ads can be pushed more and your less popular ads to be posted less thereby increasing clicks for the publisher and greater visits for the advertisers. Everybody wins with ad rotation.
Single-sign-on Accounts
Inout Adserver allows you to run your system in single-sign-on mode wherein a single registration as well as a single login is enough to get access to both advertiser and publisher accounts. Needless to say, you can switch between single-sign-on and dual-sign-on any time.
Front-end Customization
Change the look and feel of the Inout Adserver script by adding elegant background images, advertiser image, publisher image and home page slide images, directly from admin area.
Coupon Codes for Advertisers
​Admin can define coupon codes for advertisers from his control panel. Advertisers can redeem these at the time of registration or adding funds. Adserver allows you to define single use and multi-use coupons which can be flat rate or percentage based. ​
Approved Sites Targeting
Improve reliability and efficiency by taking more control over your business. Manage the ad posting sites and not just the ads. Improve reliability of advertisers and publishers with better oversight and increase value to your script.
Effective Adult Filtering
Publishers can limit the rating of the ads posted on their sites through adult filtering setting. Ads that are marked as "adult" will not find its way into the publisher websites that have banned it.
Generate/receive ads in XML format making it easy to transfer and edit its format. It also becomes easy to transfer the ads to third party ad servers.
Inline, Sticky & Splash Ad units
Display subtle inline ads on publisher pages against relevant keywords in content that display ads when a mouse pointer is hovered over them. You can also display them in less subtle manner with sticky ad units. They are shown as a separate layer usually placed at the top of the page and they remain fixed under scrolling. Splash ads are also fixed ads but they appear over the page as a separate layer.
Referral System
We also provide an optional feature called referral system which can be used to promote your adserver. Admin can provide referral links to his publishers for promoting the adserver and define a click based percentage for publishers as referral commission.
Advertiser Site Targeting
Your advertisers can choose specific domains to display their ads. It allows an opportunity to increase click through rates (CTR) and increase revenue through targeting.
Ads Re-targeting
This ads relating to a domain can be shown to their visitors in other websites they visit. Keep interesting audience alerted with this phenomenal ad re-targeting feature.
Bulk Mailer & Listing Management
Improve your e-business with email marketing. Reach new clients and promote your e-business with the bulk mailing solution.
Sub-Admin Account Management
Improve your business efficiency by delegating and sharing responsibilities of your ad serving e-business while still maintaining complete control over the web script.
  • !

    Minimum Requirements:

    • PHP 7+
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • 20 GB hosting server space.
    • 2 GB RAM or more.
    • ionCube loaders and other standard packages installed in the server (this can be configured with WHM if it is already not installed).
    • WHM/Cpanel/Plesk control panel
    • You will have to configure SMTP server details in admin area for sending emails to ensure better inbox delivery.

View Full Laundry List of Features
Unlimited advertisers/publishers, ads/keywords.
System suggested optimized click values for keywords.
Optional feature for keyword verification
Non commercial public service text/banner/catalog ads (for default ads).
Ad display units generation based on ad blocks
Ad code for search engine/content pages.
Random ad rotation, click bid rotation and weightage rotation.
Revenue booster and boosting level.
Fraudulent,invalid and repeated click tracking.
Proxy clicks detection.
Advanced click/profit statistics with CTR, ECPM.
Time based statistical information for publishers and advertisers.
Priority email support desk.
Supports any currency. Now supports local currency transactions for advertisers.
Payments using check/bank/paypal.
Fully utf-8 supported script.
Support for caching of ad display to reduce server load.
Configurable SMTP mailing.
100% template driven. Easier to Re-brand
Single-sign-on option for users
Geo-targeting for ads.
Target ads to specific language.
Reliable site targeting
Coupon codes for advertisers.
Bot click detection.
Authorize.net payment gateway for credit card processing.
Optional referral system for publishers.
Multi-language support with 14 preloaded languages.
Search engine friendly URLs.
Sitemap generator.
Support for load balancing across multiple servers.
Database backup facility.
Effective adult filtering.
Supports multiple slides in homepage.
Partners logo display.
Sub Admin Account Management.
Advertiser Site Targeting Solution.
Bulk Mailer and Listing Management.
Ad Re-targeting and Management.
Advertiser & Publisher Management
Ajax loaded Search for Advertisers & Publishers.
Manage Ads & Keywords.
Public service ads/Non-commercial ads.
Search for ads by id or keywords.
Enable default keyword for every ad.
HTML/JavaScript codes to show ads (similar to AdSense)
Manage ad blocks and ad display units
Control on ad credit text
Ad rotation setting for random rotation and click bid based or weightage based rotation.
Advanced click statistics with CTR and ECPM.
Configurable keyword independent and keyword based operation mode
Advertiser/publisher/ad/adunit based statistics.
Fraudulent/invalid/repetitive click history.
Disable proxy clicks.
Configure check/bank/PayPal/credit card payment & currency for advertisers & publishers.
Manage advertiser fund deposits.
Cross verify check/bank payments & perform currency conversion.
Enable/disable revenue booster
Manage publisher Commission.
Control publisher withdrawal settings.
Customizable email templates.
Manage single-sign-on accounts
Manage system keywords.
Enable/disable site targeting.
Manage text ad template.
Option to exclude bot clicks.
Option to monitor suspicious publishers.
Animated graphs to present statistical data in a user-friendly manner.
Enable/disable referral system.
Create coupon codes for advertisers.
Create announcements for advertisers and publishers.
Manage load balancing & Database backup.
Listing of advertiser and publisher details.
Easy Account Registration
Generate ad display HTML code using adblock.
Edit ad units anytime after pasting the code.
Ad code for search engines & content pages
Restrict ads from any site.
Detailed profit statistics & ad based unit statistics.
Configure check/bank/PayPal cash withdrawal options.
Priority email support desk for support and assistance
Language preference for adunits.
Ad display using XML API.
Sticky ad units, Scrolled text ads, Elegant splash ad units & Text ad template.
Adult filtering.
Transfer funds to advertiser account (if single-sign-on is enabled).
Affiliate system for better chance of monetizing.
Easy Account Registration
Account registration bonus.
Create Text/Banner/Catalog Ads
Quick ad search using ID
Unlimited keywords for each ad.
Separate click bid values for each keyword.
Click value suggestions for keywords.
Monthly/daily budget limit for ads.
Advanced statistics including CTR.
Check/bank payment option for advertisers. Advertisers can make payments in system currency or local currency.
Easy and secure automated paypal and credit card payment gateway to add funds.
Priority email support desk for support and assistance.
Redeem coupons to receive bonus.
Language targeting for ads.
Keyword suggestions.
Target ads to geographical locations.
Detailed click statistics & analysis.
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