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The Problem/Pain We Are Trying to Solve.

Building a good web application often requires a lot of work to build a base system which is often so essential and valued but not so significantly related to the core idea of the business, for example the admin panel, the design of admin panel, password management, multi-lingual settings, general settings management, the basic public interface etc. This takes a lot of time and energy to create a base/foundation system on top of which someone can build the idea part of the web application. Sometimes people don't get this foundation part done right, which costs significant time and money to fix those later. Also often these foundation part is not reusable between multiple projects and thus for a second project the developers need to build it again from scratch, which results in further development cost, time and risk.

The Solution

To solve the problem, we decided to build a foundation script which is generally detached/independent from the core business idea of a web application. This foundation script can be considered as a pre-built structure/platform on top a business idea can be implemented easily. Which means someone using the script ( or his developer) can easily work on top of the foundation script to add more features and thus to build a larger web application. We call this foundation script Inout Struct. We have decided to provide the license of the script to our beloved customers for FREE so that they can download and use the script if needed. Code is 100% open source.

What Is Inout Struct?

Inout Struct is a foundation script which acts as a template system to help you build a larger web application. This gives you a great foundation structure for admin area, member area, and public area. It is more like a template for software development (not only for design). A lot of useful, common, and advanced features are pre-built into this script so that you (or your developer) can focus on the core logic of your application and start building them on top of Inout Struct. It saves significant amount of time, cost and risk for you. Inout Struct is lightweight, fast, powerful and secure. And the best part, this is FREE for our customers.

Free Download
Download is in progress.
Thank you for choosing Inout Struct. Hope you love the script.
Inout Struct is FREE to download and use for Inout Scripts customers.
Features and Benefits
  • Saves your development time up to 50%.
  • Comprehensive admin area.
  • Security features such as google recaptcha, Google Authenticator (for 2 FA).
  • Easy user registration.
  • Mobile responsive user area.
  • Visually appealing and easy to navigate admin area.
  • Multi-lingual support (Easy to further develop on).
  • Various important settings management.
  • 100% open source.
  • Popular, fast PHP CodeIgniter framework.
    PHP 7+ compatible.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How it benefits me?
    You can save a lot of development time developing your PHP application on top of Inout Struct.
  • Can I use the software in multiple domains?
    Yes, you can use the software in multiple domains. This software doesn't have a single domain license restriction.
  • Do I need to place a link back to your site?
    We appreciate if you do, and thank you. But it is not a must to do.
  • I'm not inout scripts customer. Can I still download it?
    No. You need to be a customer first before you can download it.
  • Do you provide support for this script?
    Unfortunately we may not. We would like to help but unfortunately we may not be able to help each and every single support request for this script. Anyway there are ReadMe files and other documentations etc which will be sufficient for your need. This script's development structure is very easy to understand. If we have so many support requests, we will try to arrange a community support system portal or so.
  • Why do you give a free license of the software to your customers?
    Because we love our customers.
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