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Big Data Search Integration Service

Are you looking to have a perfect internal search on your website products and/or services like in amazon.com, where users can do a very fast full text search showing relevant products/services with an option to narrow down using various filters. We can help you build a such a service for your website.

Features & Benefits
  • Do full text search quickly on millions of records/userdata.
  • Autocorrects common spelling errors etc and does the search ignores words order and search.
  • Processing the search keyword first to provide optimised search and results.
  • Very good filtering option for your users.
  • Auto-sync the data with MySQL or current datastore tech you are using.
  • Detached from your current technology and files. We don’t want the current files/tech to be interrupted. We’ll make the new files seamless to include this in your website.
What the service includes?
  • Installation of Apache Solr, in your stand alone web server.
  • Discussing with you on your search requirements.
  • Creating and configuring Apache solr to match your requirements.
  • Helping you creating a data sync service with Solr from your existing db or data store.
  • Helping you with the query process into Solr core.
  • Helping you to develop a cool filtering options for your website.

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