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Inout SocialTiles


Start your own social media website with Inout SocialTiles.

Main Features
Interactive New Age Redesign
Our conventional successful social network script got a complete redesign in June 2015 to adapt to the latest technology, add new features but at the same time, increase stability and performance.
Photo and Video Tagging
Your users can tag photos and videos just as in Facebook. Keep your social media portal vibrant and active. Hold a powerful social media script in your hand.
Public Pages
Users can create public pages to promote their interests to the public. These pages can attract other users and they are SEO friendly. These can now be found on your favorite search engines.
SEO Friendly
All public pages on your SocialTiles Portal are SEO friendly. Increase traffic to interesting pages and popularize your social media.
Like & unlike
Users can acknowledge favorite photos with like buttons. These likes will be shared with their friends. You also have the option to unlike the photos.
Dreams Sharing
Inout SocialTiles provide a virtual platform to keep your dreams alive and share among your friends. Users can communicate with people who share the same dream or join the ecstasy of people who had made their dreams true, all with our exclusive dream sharing feature.
Cherish the Events
You can now virtually send out invitations to your dear friends with Inout SocialTiles. Users can create events and can invite others to participate in it. Events can be a birthday party or invitation to attend marriage etc. Inout SocialTiles helps people to organize events without any hitches.
Stylish User Journal
Create your own journals and let your friends know about it in an instant. Your friends can read, comment or like it.
Easy Profile Creation
You can quickly create your own profile in Inout SocialTiles. It helps you to get an online identity and makes other internet users aware of your presence. User profile is the key for users to find people with similar interests and makes friends with them.
Showcase Friends Activities
The Activity page in Inout SocialTiles displays the links, videos and photos shared by your users. It helps the users to keep track of his friend's recent activities. It is one of the core part of Inout SocialTiles. Users can provide a real-time feedback on their activities through comments and likes.
Fast and Easy Chat
Chatting is one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends. Inout SocialTiles provides a user friendly and attractive chat facility. Your users can chat with more than one friend at a time.
Group your People with Club
With Inout SocialTiles club feature, people with a common affinity are brought under single roof. With clubs, they can share their thoughts, photos and videos. The creator and the members can invite other friends to join the club. One's preferences, opinions, and activities are routinely shared with the members of the club.
Simple user registration
With Inout SocialTiles, individual users can create their own account using a simple registration form. Registered users can experience the entire services of Inout SocialTiles.
Customize Inout SocialTiles with your Own Fields
As an administrator, you can create custom profile fields to fit your needs so that, your site will not be limited. Using this facility, administrator can make the site compatible with his intentions. A business purpose social network can use some fields like profession, interest areas etc.
Search Friends in Inout SocialTiles
The effective search option helps to identify more and more people in Inout SocialTiles making it easy for your users to expand the friend's circle.
Share your Album and Snaps
Each photo has a story to tell. Let your friends know about it with the upload&share option in Inout SocialTiles. You can easily create and maintain albums of uploaded photos via an intuitive interface. Our easy uploading feature supports multiple file uploads and thumbnail setting. You can also add image as profile picture and cover image. ​
Easy Video Sharing
We know that videos are powerful tools for reaching and engaging your audience. With Inout SocialTiles the user can share videos uploaded by himself and of his friends. User's can also share videos from sites such as YouTube, Metacafe and Dailymotion.​
Birthday Notification
Missing your best friend's birthday is embarrassing beyond any comparison. With Inout SocialTiles birthday notification feature, you don't have to worry about it any more. When your users login into our Inout SocialTiles they will be notified of their friend's birthdays.
Exchange Messages
Your users can send messages to their friends. It will be displayed in the message session of that users. This will help your users to keep in touch. ​
Fully Customizable Themes
The administrator can change and manage the themes and the style of content page such as logo, name and background image according to his discretion. This is an effective way to change the over all look and feel to once preference.
Manage Abusive Content
The users can report abusive content. The administrator has the privilege to see these contents and take necessary actions.
Get Revenue Through Advertising Area
Inout SocialTiles provides spaces to advertise. The administrator can add advertisement to these areas. These ads have the opportunity to reach millions of people. It helps to get monetary benefit for the administrator.
Support Multi-Languages
​Inout SocialTiles supports multiple languages. User can choose a language from the pre-defined set. Administrator can add any number of languages, making it flexible so that the user always gets the best feel.
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