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Inout Celebrities


Celebrity news, events, gossip & more.. Entertainment script. Start your own celebrity portal.

Main Features
Discuss Celebrities
Everyone is curious about celebrities. Inout Celebrities tells your visitors what's new about their favorite celebrities.
Unlimited Celebrities, Blogs, News, Photos & Albums
Add as many celebrity information you want to add such as blogs, news, photos and albums.
Unlimited Administrators
You may create any number of administrators with various rights to manage your desired areas of the script.
Hot Topics
You may create any number of hot topics, where you can tag your blogs, news and albums. Your visitors may browse through these hot topics.
Celebrity Tagging
You may tag blogs, news and albums to all the related celebrities.
Multi-Language Support
The script supports multiple languages. You can add and edit languages very easily from your admin area. Users will be able to choose any of these languages from the public area and can view the entire public section in that language.
Automated Content Update
The script supports site content update using automated RSS parsing. You can add and configure any number of RSS sources directly from your admin area. The script will automatically update its contents from these RSS sources using a cron job.
Visitor Comments
Your visitors may comment on the blogs, news and photos. You may review these comments from your admin area and can delete them, if required.
Abuse Reports
Helps you maintain a healthy and vibrant community by reporting any illegal or inappropriate behaviour. If your visitors believe a comment contains illegal content, then they can notify you.
Edit with WYSIWYG Editor
Add/edit news and blogs with FCK editor - The world's most popular WYSIWYG editor.
Open Source Code
All files except a few library files and controllers (which you never need to modify) are open source and you may do code level customization even in the admin area.
Advertisement Enabled
Now earn more money with Inout Celebrities by adding your ad codes. You can easily add your Google Adsense/other affiliate ad codes to the template files.
RSS Feeds
Help your visitors to add celebrity news, blogs and photos to their desired community sites and RSS readers.
Free Copyright Removal
You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want to join our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.
Compatible with Inout Adserver
Inout Adserver is an ultimate advertising solution script which can host very large number of advertisers and publishers. Inout Celebrities is 100% compatible with Adserver.
Search Engine Friendly URL's
If you have mod rewrite feature enabled in your server, then Inout Celebrities will create all links in search engine friendly URL structure just by turning this feature on.
PHP Development with MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework
Inout Celebrities uses the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the software adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.
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