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Inout Article Base


Post your Articles & promote your page. Advertisement Enabled.

Main Features
Unlimited Categories and Articles
Inout Article Base is designed to work with hundreds of thousands of articles in unlimited number of categories as long as your server can handle it.
Easy Article Editing
Inout Article Base provides a simple, yet powerful editing capabilities for authors. FCK editor-The world's most popular WYSIWYG editor is integrated into the software which allows you to manage the article content as simple as you manage word documents.
Multiple Language Support
Post your data (categories, articles details etc) in any language you like.
Tagged Keywords
You may tag your article to any number of keywords. These tagged keywords make sure your articles are better visible to search engines and thus increases your search engine ranking and traffic.
RSS Feeds
Keep your users and clients informed about your recent article modifications and updates on your site, using RSS Feeds. You may also allow other websites to crawl these RSS feeds to showcase your articles in their websites and thus you can have more back-links and traffic.
Article Search
Powerful article search feature makes it very easy for your visitors to find the articles they are looking for.
Multiple Image Uploads
Along with each article, you may upload up to four images related to your article and you may specify the position where you want to place your images.
Featured Articles
You may mark your articles as featured. Featured articles will be highlighted in background color.
100% Template Driven and Fully Customizable
Inout ArticleBase is 100% template driven and it allows you to modify the design layout to match your existing websites look and feel.
Email Articles to Friends
Your site users and visitors can email their favourite article links to their friends, by just specifying their friend's name and email.
Article Comments
Visitors can comment on your articles. You may review it and activate from your admin area.
Open Source Code
All files except a few library files and controllers (which you never need to modify) are open source and you may do code level customization even in the admin area.
Advertisement Enabled
Now earn more money with Inout Article Base adding your ad codes. You can easily add your Google Adsense/other affiliate ad codes to the template files.
Free Copyright Removal
You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want to join our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.
Compatible with Inout Adserver
Inout Adserver is an ultimate advertising solution script which can host very large number of advertisers and publishers. Inout Article Base is 100% compatible with Inout adserver.
Search Engine Friendly URLs
If you have mod rewrite feature enabled in your server, Inout Article Base will create all links in search engine friendly URL structure just by turning this feature on.
PHP Development with MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework
Inout Article Base uses the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the software adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.
Unlimited Users
Inout Article Base Ultimate has a separate user module. Users can register and submit their articles. They can always login to their member area again and edit the articles they have posted.
Facebook Login Integration
Now your users can login to Inout Article Base with their Facebook account info. The secure Facebook login integration allows users to post articles and comments, subscribe for authors etc with their Facebook account.
Members Can Post Articles
Inout Article Base Ultimate allows your members to post unlimited number of articles. These articles can be independently managed by both the administrator and the members.
Authors Section
The new version of Inout Article Base highlights the authors of articles. You may mark some of your authors as featured in order to give them a special preference.
Author Subscription
The new version of Inout Article Base comes with author subscription feature. With this feature, user's can subscribe a particular author. Whenever a new article is posted by an author, then all the subscribers are informed by email.
Unlimited Custom Fields
This feature allows you to create unlimited number of fields to accept additional data while creating/editing an article. This can be done very easily from the admin area. These fields can be made mandatory and can be edited/blocked/deleted by the administrator. You may create text field, text area, dropdown and radio button as additional fields.
Permission Group
You can create unlimited number of permission groups. This allows the administrator to assign permission for the sub-administrators very easily.
Unlimited Sub-adminstrators
You can add unlimited sub administrators. You can assign any administrator to your desired permission group. This will restrict the new sub administrator to work only on those areas where he has privileges to work on.
Ads and Analytics Code
This feature allows the administrator to configure their Google Adsense/Inout Adserver/other affiliate ad codes directly from the admin area without modifying the template files. Similarly, Google analytics or any other statistics code can also be configured from your admin area.
Keyword Tag Cloud
This is a small cloud tag area that shows the most commonly tagged keywords in the articles posted. It is dynamically updated based on the most frequently tagged keywords.
Article Rating
Your website visitors and members can rate any article posted in your website. This system blocks users from repeatedly rating a single article. This cool feature will keep your visitors interested in your site.
Unlimited Themes
This allows you to create new themes from your admin area for different areas of the public pages. These themes will be available for the public and they can choose their desired style. There are 2 different theme groups integrated in the script. You may add/manage more themes easily. Do you want us to help you create a unique theme for your website? Our designers can help you get it done. Please contact us.
Multi-Purpose Script
You may use Inout ArticleBase for multiple purposes other than just for showing articles. You may use it as a news portal, classifieds, portal, stock showcase or any other custom directory system. The unlimited custom fields and language option will allow you to change the behaviour of the system to any other directory system or your desired type.
Separate Section to Maintain the Approved and Pending Articles
The ultimate edition has separate tables in the database to maintain articles posted by the user. When an article is newly posted by the user, it is saved in the pending articles table with status as pending. Once admin approves the article, it will be saved in the active articles table with status as approved. If a user tries to edit an article, the edited article goes to the pending articles table and asks for the approval of administrator before it moves back to active articles table.
Email Verification of Registered Users
This feature allows you to prevent fraud/invalid email registrations by sending a confirmation Email from the system to that email address. This is an optional feature which can be enabled/disabled by the administrator.
Email Notification for User upon Article Approval/Rejection
When administrator approves or rejects the article posted/edited by the user, he may optionally send an email to the user with a custom message. It is useful especially when administrator wants to let the user to know the reason for rejection of the article. Users can always login to their member area and view their articles based on its status.
Administrator Email Notification
When a new user registers in the system or when a user posts a new article or an article is edited, then an email will be sent to the administrator notifying about it. This will help you to keep updated about the activities frequently.
Manage Email Templates
This feature allows you to modify the Email content and format for various user notifications. You may use variables inside the email template, to manage dynamic contents.
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