Independent (Stand Alone) Mobile Apps

Comes with a free basic web interface & web services.

Mobile Apps As Web Scripts' Addon

Works only with respective web scripts from Inout Scripts.

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Hosting Services

Some services are exclusive to our customers.

We Host Our Own

Exclusive Hosting Services For Inout Scripts Customers.

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Inout Scripts

We work with AWS to bring you an additional service of web hosting to our clients. Easily manage our scripts and hosting services through Inout Hosting.

robust linux hosting


  • 40Gb Storage
  • Single Domain
  • 1000 Processing Cycles*
  • FTP Service
  • Database Management
  • 24/7 Support


  • 60Gb Storage
  • Up To 10 Domains
  • 5000 Processing Cycles** (Additional Available)
  • FTP Service
  • Database Management
  • 24/7 Support

* 1 Processing Cycle = Processing 10Mb Bandwidth

**Additional Processing Cycles available at $10 for 1000 Cycles

  • Customer Service

    Contact our 24/7 Customer Support for issues with Inout Hosting Services. We are here at your service to fix issues, guide and educate our customers.

  • Backup

    We ensure daily automated backups and offer Disaster Recovery Services so you can restore your data without any losses.

  • FTP

    You can easily manage your account using any FTP applications.

  • Reliable & Secure Infrasructure

    Amazon’s proven network Infrastructure and strategically placed data centers ensure security and 99.95% Up-time

  • Run Your Third Party Applications

    You can install and manage third party softwares on the domain within your processing cycles* quota. You can go beyond the quota with Premium Hosting. Contact us for more info.

    *1 Processing Cycle = Processing 10Mb Bandwidth


Can I upgrade the hosting package at any time?
Yes. Upgrading your package can be easily done. Contact our customer support for the quick upgrade. Billing is adjusted automatically.
Are all Inout Scripts products available on both Standard & Premium packages?
No. Applications with high processing cycles require the premium package. For example, Inout Adserver may require premium hosting due to high processing cycles.
Will Inout Scripts run on other hosting services?
Yes. Inout Scripts is designed to run on your own or third party hosting services. Inout Hosting is provided to those who require easy manageability of their Inout products and hosting services and for those who require hosting.
What if my processing cycles are beyond the assigned limits?
In premium hosting, you can go beyond the limit of 5000 processing cycles with an additional fee of $10 for every 1000 cycles after the limit. However, in standard hosting package, the limits cannot be exceeded.
Will Inout Scripts Support install and run my third party applications?
No. Since we can’t guarantee our work or good operational health of your unfamiliar or possibly unsupported third party applications, you merit the full responsibility of third party applications.
Do you offer only shared hosting Servers?
Yes. At this time, Inout Scripts does not support dedicated servers.
Do you support Inout Spider or other Hypertable based applications?
No. Inout Spider and other hypertable based scripts require a dedicated server. Inout Hosting doesn’t support dedicated servers at this time.

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Programming Support

Want to modify YOUR SCRIPTS?
installation 1 year updates 1 year standard support
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