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Web Crawler Script

Popular Sphider and Googlebot Clone Script from Inout Scripts™

Sphider Clone

Inout Spider is the most powerful web crawler script on the market. Crawl the internet with unlimited domains, pages and depth. Inout Spider outperforms the Sphider in capability, reach and efficiency. Inout Scripts is dedicated to providing a state of the art web crawler solution that can be used by small business around the world at affordable costs.

Inout Spider is built on open source Bigdata technology. We have exploited powerful and flexible Hadoop & Hypertable to provide you with a technology capability that is otherwise unavailable to you in the market. Whether you are indexing the activities of your industry, a region or around the world or collecting large data to be indexed for a full-on search engine (Look out Google..!), our crawler can accomplish it.

Starting at $1750

Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology


Hypertable is an open source, fast, high performing and scalable database storage system. With the integration of hyper table technology to Spider and Webmail scripts, we have empowered our scripts to expand from one server to multiple servers thus solving the scalability problem better than any other traditional SQL solutions. The data from the scripts are efficiently stored and processed in any number of cluster servers.



With distributed storage system (Hyper table concept) employed in our Webmail and Spider scripts, it is imperative to retrieve data that are stored in multi-server environment with accuracy and efficiency. This is ensured in our scripts with the Hadoop Technology. Hadoop is a high performance distributed file system, currently supported by Apache. When concurrent queries occur Hadoop technology uses distributed parallel processing to return the data across the servers with out any drop in the performance of the script.

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