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  • Inout Search Engine
  • Inout Search Engine

Inout Search Engine

The most powerful, affordable, flexible, feature rich and customizable meta search engine script available on the Internet. It comes with 12 of the most popular searches on the internet, including Web, Images, Video, News, Sports, Audio, Forum, Blog, Kids, Dictionary, Wiki and PDF which you can enable or disable as you wish. The latest edition of Inout Search Engine allows your visitors to select their desired language (14 languages by default) and their desired style in which they want to view your site. Apart from the default engines, new engines can be added based on themes, websites, domain extensions and the file type of result, which would allow it to run like fully featured search engines like yahoo, google etc or a niche search engine according to your interest.

- Features available only in ultimate edition

Easy Engine Creation

Inout Search Engine comes with 12 preloaded engines and don't be satisfied, as there are much more. Inout Search Engine allows you to create as many engines as you want, about any topic, theme, file type, website(s) or TLD extensions. It is as easy as you have to specify just the topic/website/file type/TLD extension and click on the 'create engine' button. The new engine will be instantaneously available to the public which allows them to get results only for the criteria you specified.

Adapts Display to Any Device (Ultimate v8.0) (*LATEST*)

All new Responsive User Interface maintains the aesthetic appeal, appearance and functionality across all devices and screens, adapting and adjusting automatically to any screen size.

Faster Engine (Ultimate v8.0) (*LATEST*)

Reworked Search Engine is faster than ever. Traverse through results without reloading the page and get results faster on the same page.

Elegant Responsive Themes (Ultimate v8.0) (*LATEST*)

New looks comes with brand new themes. Multiple themes are added to the list. Now you have more options to choose from and change the color and feel of the page.

Auto Scroll (Ultimate v8.0) (*LATEST*)

Let your visitors continuously load results in the same page as they scroll down and without reloading the page. This feature can be controlled from the Admin side.

​Sources To Avoid No Results (Ultimate v8.0) (*LATEST*)

If your defined APIs can’t pull results, then Inout Search Engine will pull consistent results from provisional sources to avoid a ‘No Result’ return. Now, there is always a result.

Search Engine Based on APIs (*NEW*)

You can run your Inout Search Engine service without worrying about any legal issues. We have modified our search engine mechanism, which allows you to integrate your API keys like yahoo boss API, Google, YouTube API etc. The ultimate edition even allows you to integrate your eBay and Amazon API keys.

Google API Key Integration (*LATEST*)

Inout Search Engine now lets you to integrate your Google API key for your web, image, news and special searches. With the introduction of Google API key, now you can show very high quality Google results (up to 64) in your search engine.

Work Seamlessly with Inout Spider (*NEW*)

Inout Search Engine can be now integrated with Inout Spider (featured web spider script from Inout Scripts). You can configure your Inout Spider API key in the search engine admin area, so that Search Engine can communicate with Spider to fetch results from it instead of relying on third party APIs for results.

Mix Results from Multiple Result Sources (*LATEST*)

Now Inout Search Engine allows you to combine search results from various sources such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This gives your visitors much better results than getting results from a single source. You can optionally hide the source names. Inout Search Engine automatically removes duplicate results.

Apple iTunes, Twitter, Job Searches with Corresponding APIs (*LATEST*)

Inout Search Engine enhances its search reachability by integrating the powerful, new search APIs of iTunes, Twitter and indeed Jobs. Your users will love to use these popular search sources.

Auto Country Detection (*LATEST*)

Inout Search Engine Ultimate comes with a cool feature that automatically detects your visitors location based on their IP's and allows them to search on their region if they prefer to, instead of performing a world wide search. They can optionally choose a different region if they prefer to fetch results from a different country.

Mobile Phone/PDA Mode (*NEW*)

Now you can load Inout Search Engine on your mobile phone/PDA device easily with exciting, new mobile interface. You may now extend your sites reach with mobile compatible Inout Search Engine. Compete with your competitors, who may look to take advantage of the new occasion inherent in mobile search, by using Mobile search feature of the Inout Search Engine. Make your site mobile compatible in just one click. Mobile search is possible with all fourteen preloaded engines (including Amazon and Ebay). All other features like advanced search, languages, themes etc are also available in the mobile version.

Priority Results (*NEW*)

Advertise your sites and your partner's sites by setting priority results. This feature helps you to drive more traffic to your site by showing results added by you on the top of the regular results retrieved using API. Inout Search Engine allows you to add unlimited number of results and to tag these results to any number of keywords. Now by using Inout Search Engine, you may further prioritize results based on tagged keywords.

Themes (*NEW*)

This is a unique feature available in Inout Search Engine. It allows you to create new themes from your admin area for different parts of the public pages. You may then create 'theme groups' by mixing the themes created. These theme groups will be available for the public to choose their desired style. There are 8 default theme groups integrated in the script. You may add/manage more themes/theme groups easily. Do you want us to help you create a unique theme for your website? Our designers can help you get it done. Please contact us.

Languages (*NEW*)

Inout Search Engine allows your visitors to choose the languages in which they desire to use your search engine, as in Google. Inout Search Engine comes with 14 preloaded languages. You may easily add/manage more languages from your admin area. Inout Search Engine supports languages in both directions (Left to Right/Right to Left). This feature helps you to provide a global search service using Inout Search Engine.

Member Registration (*LATEST*)

Inout Search Engine now allows your visitors to register into your website and perform some specific tasks related to search engine such as starring, categorization, result commenting etc. It will give your search engine a community nature.

Member Comments (*LATEST*)

Inout Search Engine now allows your members to post comments for each result. Other users can view these comments when they search and they can also post comments if they are members. Users can optionally post the comment for the domain where the result is pointing to.

Star(Favourite) Results (*LATEST*)

Inout Search Engine now allows your users give star rating or bookmark individual search results from any of the engines. Also, users can manage these starred results from their member area. Additionally, your users can organize these results by creating any number of custom categories according to their preference.

Parallel/Simultaneous Data Fetching (*LATEST*)

Inout Search Engine Ultimate now fetches results from several sources simultaneously, without waiting for one process to complete. As a result your users can instantly grab high quality results. Inout Search Engine then caches these results and act as a source for the subsequent searches to reduce the API calls and server load.

Bad Words Filter

Even though Inout Search Engine delivers family safe results most of the time, additionally we also have a bad word filter feature. This feature allows you to specify a set of keywords from your admin area. These keywords will be stripped out from the public searches.

Amazon and Ebay Search (*NEW*)

Now Inout Search Engine allows you to make profit with its Ebay and Amazon engines. You can configure API keys and affiliate id's for Ebay and Amazon engines. Get paid for each time you drive traffic to Ebay/Amazon and when it amounts to a sale.

RSS Engines (*NEW*)

Create custom engines based on various RSS sources. You can define any number of RSS sources and combine it to create an RSS engine. Results will be automatically identified and retrieved from these RSS sources. Using RSS engines you may easily make your favourite RSS feeds searchable directly from your search engine.

Database Engines (*NEW*)

This feature is available only on Inout Search Engine. Do you want to show search results from your own database? Inout Search Engine now allows you to search your own database tables and create results in any format as you desire. This feature revolutionize all the traditional result format conventions.

Advanced Search (*NEW*)

Advanced search allows your users to search based on their special criteria. Search can be done for an exact phrase, in a specific domain, by excluding a particular domain or excluding a particular word.

Result Cache

In order to reduce the API calls and to speed up the search query, Inout Search Engine caches the results into the database for a specific period of time. Administrator can specify the caching period for each engine. Cache period can be set from one day to 6 months.

Engine Display Style (*NEW*)

In order to meet your timely demands on look and feel, we have decided to be more flexible in the way engines are represented to the public. Now you can configure your engine display style from admin area in four styles. You may specify whether it should be tabs, text links, drop downs or radio buttons.

'I'm Feeling Lucky' Button (*NEW*)

Deal with impatient visitors. This button will guide you to the best search result page from the entire results. On clicking this button your visitors will be redirected automatically to the URL of the first search result.

Load Balancing Cache with Clustering (*NEW*)

Now you can cache millions of result pages and retrieve data within no time. We are using advanced hashing algorithm to manage cache and to balance the load on database, which helps to improve the response time. The cache is further spread into 27 clusters to improve the performance.

Keyword Suggestion (*NEW*)

Helps your users to find out the correct term they are searching for, while they type the keyword in search box as in google. Inout Search Engine allows you to turn on/off the keyword suggestion for each engine.

Seasonal Logo (*NEW*)

Start a seasonal tradition for your web site. Show seasonal logo on your home page, as in google. Create your own seasonal logos and display it in your home page.

HTML Code to Show Your Search Box in Third Party Websites (*NEW*)

Webmaster tools allow your visitors to add search box to their websites, like google custom search. They will love to add your search box to their web site. Any search done on those search boxes will direct the user to your result page and thus you can drive more traffic to your website.

Cloud Tags (*NEW*)

Cloud tag shows you the most popular searches of last 7 days. The size of the keyword is proportional to the number of searches. The total number of keywords to be shown in cloud tags can be configured from the admin area.

Arithmetic Conversions (*NEW*)

Allows to perform arithmetic operation using web search. You can enter an arithmetic expression in the search field and click on the search button to evaluate it.

Unit Conversions (*NEW*)

This feature enables your visitors to convert one standard unit to another standard unit (eg: 1 inch = 2.54 centimetres). You may specify the units you want to allow in the system. This is an optional feature which can be disabled from your admin area.


A thumbshot is a pictorial representation of the home page of a website. Thumbshots can be displayed along with each search result. You can specify whether users will be able to turn on/off the thumbshots.

Quick Look

Quick look is a unique feature available in Inout Search Engine, which allows your visitors to view the result web page without changing the browser page location. In the page where results are displayed, there will be a link named quick look along with each result. A user can click on that link to open a new frame just below the result and the result page URL loads in the frame. User may close or maximize the frame according to his/her convenience.

Email a Friend

You can allow your visitors to send each result links/webpages to his/her friend if they want to refer it.

Mix Image Results in Web Results (*NEW*)

As in popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, now you can combine image search results in its corresponding web search result. Inout Search Engine will not use an API call to fetch the image results, but you can combine the images only if the image results for the same keyword is already available in the cache database.

Spelling Suggestion (*NEW*)

Inout Search Engine helps your users to search what they are exactly looking for. The spelling suggestion feature let users to search with the correct keyword/phrases.

Related Searches (*NEW*)

Inout Search Engine suggests relevant keywords related to the search keyword, in the result pages.

Integrate Search Engine to your User's Browser (*LATEST*)

Now, Inout Search Engine Ultimate comes with search plug-in feature that allows your users to add your search engine to their browser's default search. It allows your users to type in their keyword directly in their browser's search field and use your search results.

Detailed Statistics

Detailed search statistics allows you to track complete statistics of search based on keywords, engines and time period. This could help you to get information about your search engine growth and user trends.

Open Source Code

All files except a few library files and controllers (which you never need to modify) are open source and you may do code level customization even in the admin area.

Advertisement Enabled

Now earn more money with Inout Search Engine by adding your ad codes. You can easily add your Google Adsense/other affiliate ad codes to the template files.

PPC Search Engine Service (Embedding with Inout Adserver) (*NEW*)

Now, Inout Search Engine can directly communicate with Inout Adserver (standard and ultimate editions) without using ad codes. The ads from Inout adserver corresponding to the keyword searched, will be shown as sponsored results in the search result page.

Free Copyright Removal

You are free to remove the copyright notice in the page footer in the public pages of the script. You may remove the powered by link also if you do not want to join in our affiliate program. You may do it just by modifying a simple HTML file.

PHP Development with MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework

Inout Search Engine uses the professional MVC style of PHP development, which enables you to extend/customize the software by adding any new feature you want, with minimal maintenance/customization cost.

Easily Customizable

Template driven pages allow you to create your own look and feel or easily integrate the site into a design template you already have.

Easy, Cost Effective Upgrade from Standard Edition to Ultimate Edition

If you have already purchased or want to purchase the standard edition of Inout Search Engine now and upgrade to ultimate edition later, you can do it easily and cost effectively. You may just need to let us know when you are ready to purchase the ultimate edition. We'll send you an invoice, only for the difference amount (adding a small service charge in some rare cases). Upon paying the invoice, your ultimate edition license will be activated and you can manage it directly from your member area.

Inout Search Engine Features
  • Responsive Design.(*LATEST*)
  • Faster Page loading.(*LATEST*)
  • ​Automatic Result Scrolling.(*LATEST*)
  • 'No Result' Evasion.(*LATEST*)
  • Preloaded with 12 of the most popular searches including Web, Images, Video, News, Sports, Audio, Forum, Blog, Kids, Dictionary, Wiki and PDF.
  • Google API Key Integration.(*LATEST*)
  • Apple iTunes, Twitter and Jobs Search.(*LATEST*)
  • Advanced(integrated in search tabs) filtering options for Job Search.(*LATEST*)
  • Mix search results from multiple sources.(*LATEST*)
  • Unlimited custom engines.
  • Easy engine creation based on a theme, website, TLD extension or result file type.
  • Manage engine order easily.
  • Amazon and Ebay Affiliate API Search.(*NEW*)
  • Create engines based on RSS feeds.(*NEW*)
  • Automatically retrieve results from RSS feeds.(*NEW*)
  • Create new engines based on your own database and prepare results in any format you want.(*NEW*)
  • Easily Integrate Yahoo Boss, Bing and Google Youtube API Keys.(*NEW*)
  • Parallel result fetching for faster and more efficient search results.(*LATEST*)
  • Automatically detects user country and allows them to search exclusively on their country.(*LATEST*)
  • XML result parsing from source engines with the help of API keys.(*NEW*)
  • Engines can be presented to public as tabs, drop downs, radio buttons or text links.(*NEW*)
  • Multi-language support.(*NEW*)
  • More Languages can be easily added and managed.(*NEW*)
  • You may optionally specify a non-English language as default language.(*NEW*)
  • Supports both 'Left to Right' and 'Right to Left' languages.(*NEW*)
  • Mobile Search - Load Inout Search Engine on your mobile phone.(*NEW*)
  • Set default language, location, theme, logo and other configurations specifically for mobile search.(*NEW*)
  • Member registration.(*LATEST*)
  • Member comments for results.(*LATEST*)
  • Allows your users to star their favorite search results.(*LATEST*)
  • Categorize starred results.(*LATEST*)
  • Arithmetic conversion. Allows users to evaluate their arithmetic expression using web search.(*NEW*)
  • Unit Conversion. Allows users to change one unit into its equivalent another standard. (eg: 1inch = 2.54 centimeters)(*NEW*)
  • I'm feeling lucky button which helps users to find the webpage they are looking without browsing through the result pages.(*NEW*)
  • Seasonal logos to start a new season trend for your search engine.(*NEW*)
  • Suggests popular, possible related search keywords while users type in their keyword (search autofill), as like in Google and Bing.(*NEW*)
  • Bad word filter for family safe search engines.
  • Home page keyword cloud tags to show top searches.(*NEW*)
  • Optional feature to turn off cloud tags when user selects a language other than default language.(*NEW*)
  • Users can search based on a country.
  • Optional feature to add a hidden theme/keyword for all the searches users make. Useful when you run a niche search engine.(*NEW*)
  • Upload separate logos for home page and result page (Optional).(*NEW*)
  • Show thumbshots along with each results
  • Allow users to override thumbshots.(*NEW*)
  • Quick look along with results which allows users to load the result page in a frame under the result without changing the browser location.
  • Allow users to override quick look.(*NEW*)
  • Email a friend link with each result.
  • Spelling suggestion.(*NEW*)
  • Easy 'Make Home Page' link.(*LATEST*)
  • Easy bookmark link.(*LATEST*)
  • Allows your users can add your search engine to their browser's default search engine.(*LATEST*)
  • Prioritize your own results and show them ahead of regular search results.(*NEW*)
  • Embedding with Inout Adserver for sponsored results.(*NEW*)
  • Show search keywords in result as bold text.
  • Show new window icon next to each result.
  • Show related keywords in the result page.(*NEW*)
  • Create public page display themes from admin area.(*NEW*)
  • You may optionally allow users to choose their desired themes.(*NEW*)
  • Mix popular image results in its web search as like in google and yahoo.(*NEW*)
  • Allows users to show full size images directly from the image results page.
  • Cache result in DB for longer periods to reduce the API calls and response time.
  • shot with each result.
  • Improved and fast cache mechanism by balancing load using 27 clusters.(*NEW*)
  • HTML code to show search box in third party websites (*NEW*)
  • Show full size images in lightbox/normal window/popup window.(*NEW*)
  • Fully template driven allowing easy and complete control and customization of all pages.
Key Member Features
  • Star favourite results(*LATEST*)
  • Post comments for any results or source sites.(*LATEST*)
  • View starred results as a whole or engine wise.(*LATEST*)
  • Categorize starred results.(*LATEST*)
  • Create unlimited number of categories.(*LATEST*)
  • Advanced filtering for viewing starred results.(*LATEST*)
  • Bulk movement of starred results.(*LATEST*)
  • Bulk deletion of favourite results.(*LATEST*)
  • Post unlimited comments for each results.(*LATEST*)
Key Admin Features
  • Easily create new custom engines.
  • Edit/manage engines.
  • Easily manage the order of engines.
  • Add new language.(*NEW*)
  • Manage languages.(*NEW*)
  • Manage(View, Activate, Block and Delete) Users.(*LATEST*)
  • View Starred Results of each users.(*LATEST*)
  • Manage Comments posted by users.(*LATEST*)
  • Turn on/off mobile mode.(*NEW*)
  • Add new mobile theme.(*NEW*)
  • Manage mobile themes.(*NEW*)
  • Manage mobile mode display options.(*NEW*)
  • Configure country based search settings for mobile.(*NEW*)
  • Create/manage style themes.(*NEW*)
  • Create/manage style theme groups.(*NEW*)
  • Enable/Disable 'show all' and 'auto country' radio buttons.(*LATEST*)
  • Turn on/off arithmetic conversions.(*NEW*)
  • Turn on/off unit conversions.(*NEW*)
  • Enable/Disable I'm feeling lucky button.(*NEW*)
  • Configure API Keys.(*NEW*)
  • Manage Ebay and Amazon engines.(*NEW*)
  • Configure API and affiliate keys for Ebay and Amazon.(*NEW*)
  • Add new RSS source.(*NEW*)
  • Manage RSS sources.(*NEW*)
  • Create new RSS engine combining different RSS sources.(*NEW*)
  • Choose whether search results through a RSS engine should mix results from various sources or show results in sequential order of the sources specified. (*NEW*)
  • Manage RSS engines.(*NEW*)
  • Create new database engine.(*NEW*)
  • Manage database engines.(*NEW*)
  • Turn on/off spelling suggestions for database engines.(*NEW*)
  • Turn on/off related keywords for database engines.(*NEW*)
  • Enable/Disable bad words filter.
  • Enable/Disable list languages in their native script.(*NEW*)
  • Select default language.(*NEW*)
  • Turn on/off cloud tags.(*NEW*)
  • Add new priority results.(*NEW*)
  • Manage priority results.(*NEW*)
  • Sort priority results based on keywords.(*NEW*)
  • Set maximum number of priority results to be shown on result page.(*NEW*)
  • Specify whether to to append/replace priority results with web results.(*NEW*)
  • Specify the number of keywords need to be displayed in the cloud tags.(*NEW*)
  • Specify whether cloud tags need to be displayed only for default language.(*NEW*)
  • Select search type display style tab/text link/radio buttons/drop down.(*NEW*)
  • Optional hidden keyword which can be added with all public search keywords.(*NEW*)
  • Enable/Disable hidden keywords for each engines.(*LATEST*)
  • Add a new seasonal logo and configure its settings.(*NEW*)
  • Manage seasonal logos.(*NEW*)
  • Allow/disallow third party webmasters to add search box to their site.(*NEW*)
  • Allow/disallow third party webmasters to choose engine while generating search code.(*NEW*)
  • Add theme/styles for webmaster tools search box.(*NEW*)
  • Upload your 'powered by' logo for webmaster tools.(*NEW*)
  • Upload home page and result page logos.(*NEW*)
  • Enable/Disable thumbshots.
  • Specify whether to allow users to override thumbshots.(*NEW*)
  • Enable/Disable Quick Look.
  • Configure default search country if you want to provide country specific search feature in your website.(*NEW*)
  • Specify whether to turn on/off keyword suggestion for each engine.(*NEW*)
  • Specify whether to allow users to override Quick Look.(*NEW*)
  • Specify whether to show keywords in result as bold text.
  • Enable/Disable 'new window' icon next to each result.(*NEW*)
  • Specify whether to allow users to choose the display theme.(*NEW*)
  • Enable/Disable allow to show image results in web.(*NEW*)
  • Specify whether to allow users to search based on a country.
  • Specify how to show image full size? (In lightbox/normal window/popup window) (*NEW*)
  • Set default display theme for tabs, text links, radio buttons, drop downs, result pages and general page layout. (*NEW*)
  • View system statistics such as, total cached pages, active engines, active languages, active conversions rules.
  • View detailed keyword search statistics based on engine and time period.
  • Manage unit conversions.(*NEW*)
  • Define new units and manage already defined units.(*NEW*)
  • Manage Family Filter.
  • Define bad words and manage them.
  • Configure settings for the Search 'Plug-in' for browser.(*LATEST*)
  • Add or manage countries and states for Job Search.(*LATEST*)
  • Manage search result caching.(*NEW*)
  • Manage cache period for each engines.(*NEW*)
  • Manage old cache results.(*NEW*)
Installation and Support
  • Free installation.
  • 1 year FREE updates.
  • 1 year FREE standard support.
Inout Search Engine Addons
Inout Search Engine Android ( NEW ) Make a difference in your search with Inout search Engine in Android. Google Theme Modifies your search engine style to Google look and feel. Bing Theme Updates your search engine to an enhanced bing style. Ask Theme Updates your search engine style to like look and feel. Mist Theme ( NEW ) A modern, stylish, multi-style theme for Inout Search Engine. Instant Search ( NEW ) Modifies your search engine to get ajax based search results. Social Login ( NEW ) Modifies your search engine to support Facebook and Twitter login. WordPress Addon ( NEW ) Seamlessly integrate your search engine anywhere you want. Social Tab Addon ( NEW ) Modifies your search engine to support feeds from 10 social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker etc. Crystal Box Theme ( NEW ) Modifies your search engine to an auto-adjusting box based interface with auto-scrolling!. Language Translator Allows your users to translate text between 57 languages. Search Maps Gets maps, driving directions to your users.
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Installation and Support

Free installation

1 year FREE updates.

1 year FREE standard support.