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We, as a software development company, offer Inout Custom Exchanger, a versatile exchange platform script. It is imperative that, at your discretion, you carefully assess and decide whether to enable exchange services for your specific target customers. Our software is designed to empower you to operate services related to assets strictly in locations where it is 100% legally permissible and in alignment with the laws of the respective state or country.It is crucial to acknowledge that we are not accountable for any use of the script, including but not limited to its utilization for running any illegal services or targeting user communities, countries, or states where such services are unlawful or not in accordance with local laws. Users are responsible for ensuring legal compliance and adherence to regulations in their operational jurisdictions.

Inout Custom Exchanger is a script designed for exchanging various items to fiat money, providing a platform for real-world currency exchange services. Inout Custom Exchanger stands out as a robust platform script meticulously crafted to facilitate online asset exchange services. With a paramount focus on security, this software empowers you with direct control over various security parameters. Its optimization is strategically engineered to effectively guard against potential hacking threats and prevent loss of assets, demanding only minimal maintenance and vigilance on your part.

Price starts from: USD 1499

High Security

Security is our top priority. We've taken extensive measures to strengthen our software and protect it from potential threats. We have employed the following mechanisms for high security.

  1. Google Two Factor Authentication for Administrators and Users
  2. Recaptcha for Admin and User Logins
  3. IP address verification to prevent access from unknown IP addresses.
  4. Multiple level account verification options to know your customers better.

Top Fiat Currencies Support

Inout Custom Exchanger by default allows you to perform the exchange services with popular currencies like USD, Euro, British Pound, Indian Rupees, and others. If you want to add more currency options, it's easy. You can integrate your preferred payment gateway with ease, or we can assist you in doing so. Your currency options, your way.

Live Trading Platform

Discover the advantages of our live trading exchange platform. It's designed with a wide range of user-friendly features that you'll love. The sleek interface, powered by the trusted trading graph from tradingview.com, offers a visually appealing and easy-to-use trading experience. It's the ideal blend of style and functionality, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trading journey for our valued users.

Efficient and Smart Automatic Price Calculation

Our platform features a highly effective and enhanced automatic price calculation system that simplifies Custom pricing. Prices are automatically determined based on the current market rates and the volume of buy and sell orders in the system. This intelligent system continuously monitors the order activity. When there is a rapid surge in buy orders, the system will automatically adjust the price to manage the demand and encourage sell orders. Likewise, when there is a sudden increase in sell orders, the system will make automatic price adjustments to balance the supply and stimulate buy orders. This dynamic pricing mechanism ensures a smooth and responsive trading experience for our users, optimizing trading opportunities and liquidity in the Custom market.

Comprehensive Reporting and Detailed Trade History

Inout Custom Exchanger offers a robust reporting system that delivers high-quality and detailed reports, benefiting both users and administrators. These reports encompass a wide spectrum of essential information, from trade status and comprehensive trade history to user profiles and currency-related data. This feature empowers users and administrators with the insights they need to make well-informed decisions, enhancing their understanding of trading and performance analysis.

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