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Web Portal Script

Yahoo & Aol Clone Script from Inout Scripts™

Yahoo Clone

All the ingredients you need for a web portal under one roof. A Yahoo clone script. Inout Web Portal is unique to other scripts. It combines multiple scripts from Inout Scripts™ to give you a powerful, multi-tasking platform that amplifies the use of each script taken at face value and gives the visitor an interactive lively environment.

Inout Web Portal allows your users to access all the integrated services through a single login/registration process. It helps you to run an ad enabled portal like Yahoo/MSN with your minimal effort and cost. Inout Web Portal uses allows you to combine many scripts to form a powerful platform. Combine Many under one - Inout Search Engine Ultimate, Inout Article Base Ultimate, Inout Videos Ultimate, Inout Music Ultimate, Inout Celebrities, Inout Shopping Cart, Inout SmartDeal, Inout Webmail, Inout QuerySpace. Multiple themes are available to the script owner from the back-end admin area of the script.

$249 Only

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